By W. A. Muller

Vacations are extremely effective in decreasing stress that can take heavy tolls on busy New Yorkers’ physical and mental health. However, with new airport security measures, having to deal with the stress of organizing chargers, makeup and cosmetic products and for some, the stress of traveling with an infant or small child, traveling can be more of a hassle than an opportunity for relaxation. This is why Devra Miller, President of Miamica, started the company after being frustrated with the lack of fashionable and affordable travel accessories in the market. Her background in writing inspired her to add funny, clever sayings to her designs, which have become the signature of the brand.

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A Culinary Bio-Pic


By Rory Winston

They’re different,” said a film-reviewer colleague, “in Japanese movies about food, the main star is the food. Check Tampopo or Doing Time or Chef of the South Polar or even Flavor of Happiness, the recipe is the same: the cooking process tells all.” My friend was right. The love interest, the nemesis… even the murders and marriages were mere side dishes. The meat (or fish) of the story was literally just that. Cuisine wasn’t solely aesthetics as it was in many a French film, nor was it mouth-watering substitutions for sex as in most Italian ones; for the Japanese, food was plot. There was no need for the gourmet chefs; one obsessed eccentric trying to get it right was enough. Cooking was their way to tell a genuine story about a character without the use of words.

Events that Matter


By W.A. Muller, Photos by Liam McMullan

A Secret Valentine’s Shopping Event

Margo Manhattan welcomed guests to her store for a Secret Valentine’s Shopping Event sponsored by Altaneve, a popular Prosecco wine brand. Those in attendance enjoyed champagne, chocolates and the opportunity to preview her jewelry collections on Monday, February 10, 2014.

An Expert in the Outer Banks

By Spencer Bistricer The Outer Banks of North Carolina has all the qualities dreams are made of: skies that reflect a most brilliant blue; sea oats that sway in warm salty breezes; waves that create a rhythmic backdrop to each day. For many, this is a dream vision. For a few, this is a way…