3 Kilos Vodka, in collaboration with the notorious Greg Yuna, hosted Manhattan’s hottest Monday night at the recently opened Zavõ restaurant in mid-town to launch 3 Kilos Ultra Premium Dutch Vodka “Gold 999.9” and “COCO Gold” coconut-flavored vodka.  The evening kicked off in a marble and glass lounge where guests were greeted by a stunning presentation of 3 Kilos branded menus, cocktails such as the Golden Daisy & the 3 Kilos Pear Mule/Nuts of Paradise/Rose Gold Spritz, all handcrafted on the spot by seasoned professionals, along with a DJ.  A grand piano accompanied by a live burlesque dancer kept the crowd entertained as photographers snapped shots of every best-dressed invitee, including Nigel Sylvester, Greg Yuna, George Wayne, Emir Bahadir and Sue Tsai.


Once everyone had the pleasure of enjoying both 3 Kilos Vodka Gold 999.9 and 3 Kilos COCO Gold cocktails, the group moved into the spectacled dining room adorned with personalized table settings, mouth watering Mediterranean crudités, and of course, endless bottles of 3 Kilos Vodka.  Appetizers of Tuna Tartare and Lobster Avocado salads, to name a few, were soon followed by Filet Mignons and cooked-to-order Lobster Thermidors.  Between courses, a live band and aerialists took center stage at the head of the main table to perform an awe-inspiring routine of dance, acrobatics and everything in-between   Once dessert and digestifs concluded, it goes without saying that guests left with a satisfaction and surprise they won’t soon forget, as only 3 Kilos Vodka can manage.


Notable Guests:  

George Wayne (Vanity Fair)

Nigel Sylvester (Professional cyclist)

Tahiry Jose (Actress)

Laura Stylez (Morning show host)

Lance Fresh (Producer)

Greg Yuna (Influencer)

Uriah Harris (Model)









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