Women’s Health magazine held its 5th annual “Party Under the Stars” on Saturday night, August 6 at the Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club. The star-studded crowd included actresses Malin AkermanJamie ChungEmmanuelle Chriqui, and Arielle Kebbel, philanthropist and model Lauren Bush Lauren, chef Katie Lee, former RHONY stars Kristin Taekman and Kelly Kiloren Bensimon, and guest DJ Taryn Manning, who spun to a packed house  gathered to kick off Women’s Health’s nationwide RUN 10 FEED 10 program.


On staying fit with her 8-month old son, James:

“I had him out in the jogger stroller today getting some exercise, so trying to combine motherhood and working out when I can.”


On how her diet has changed since becoming a mom: 

“Of course you eat everything that your kid doesn’t eat, which is like chicken fingers and fries.”


On how she stays fit and maintains a healthy lifestyle:

 I’ve always been health-conscious. I always like to feel good more than anything…trying to get some sort of work out in. I’ve got to be clear-headed. I’ve got to be ready for my son and get my sleep.”


On her guilty pleasure

“I’m a very good cheater as well. I need chocolate everyday or else I don’t think I could live. It’s like oxygen.”

On playing character Lara Axelrod on the hit show, Billions: 

“I feel so lucky to be on that show. It’s so well written. I feel great about my character because she’s a strong, strong woman who’s not to be messed with. I look up to her in certain ways. I wish I could be more like her in certain ways, and in certain ways I don’t even want to mess with her. I think any woman who’s in this business really appreciates to play a strong female character.”


On how she stays fit despite her busy schedule: 

“I like doing yoga and I like walking a lot, I kind of keep it more low impact. I used to do tai-bow and all that forever and then I was like my knee is starting to hurt. My hips! But I live in L.A. as well, so I hike a lot.”


On playing her character Gia Matteo in parts 2 and 3 of the “Fifty Shades of Gray” trilogy:

“She’s a bit of a trouble maker. I remain fully clothed. So as sexy as you think I am like this – get ready for more of that.”


On how she practices healthy living every day: 

“I just aim to live a really health life anyway. I’m an environmentalist, I love supporting organic food and just doing things in a way that’s nice for the planet. That’s my goal in almost everything that I do.”


On the best way to stay fit while traveling

“As long as you stay active. If you’re on holiday in a new city I feel like the best way to do that is taking a long stroll or a jog through the city center and getting used to your new environment. I love running, so that’s another big one.”



On her many guilty pleasures: 

“I have so many guilty pleasures. French fries with too much ketchup. Chips and guacamole. Nachos. Burgers. Lots and lots of pizza. You name it pretty much.”


On RUN 10 FEED 10:

“I think it’s a really great way to get people involved. Everybody’s very serious about fitness so it’s really nice to combine the two.”

On how she adjusts her fitness routine while out East: 

“I do have to say living in Manhattan it’s nice because we have our walking. I’m definitely not walking as much, so therefore I’ve got to exercise a bit more when I’m out here.”

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