By: Lindsay Hildebrant




Madonna and Hilary Clinton both have collectibles from edgy fashion designer, Melody Mayer. This savvy designer has just opened WearWithAll, a boutique and gallery at 10 Main Street in East Hampton. Melody marries designer goods for women and men with her artistic sensibility. The shop features a wide selection of chic clothing and accessories: hats, t-shirts, sunglasses and unusual items you wont find any where else; including a pair of reading glasses with lights on them to scan a menus or read a book on a dark plane. Melody also showcases emerging artists including Tina Psoinos, BNS, Nick Baratta, and Anya Rubin, who this year received The Leonardo Da Vinci, an international art prize. Fashion has always been Melody’s life. At the age of seven, she began designing her own clothes when her mother would pass down her garments. At age 12, she got her first sewing machine and began creating her own patterns and when she was a teenager, her wardrobe was entirely self-made. Melody’s goal is to inspire others and create designs that accentuate the beauty of its wearers. Her designs have been sold in over 250 stores across the country and to boutiques in Canada and Europe “Be strong and stay true to yourself and your designs,” says Melody.



WearWithAll‘s clothing and accessories fit seamlessly into today’s fashion trends and endure the test of time. “Even though this is not a collection of ‘basics,’ the pieces will always be timeless; ‘Everything is a forever piece. When you think of Melody Mayer, you should think timeless.” Said the designer. Adding, “Each piece is unique, easy to wear, and serves as a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.” The store’s name stems from the old adage that one has the “wherewithal” to accomplish your goals. Although the shop is open all day you can talk with Melody about her designs and hand-selected pieces from around the world over tea from 3 to 6 during “Tea Time with Melody.



The connection between fashion and art is explored every day during “Tea Time with Melody.” This is an opportunity to explore the parallels between WearWithAll’s brand and the artwork on display, which changes every week. “Strolling through a museum may arouse curiosity but, you wonder, what was the artist thinking,” says Melody. This interactive gallery experience allows clients and artists to, “dive deeper into their art and ask these questions.” Melody has gathered talent and work from around the globe: oil painters, watercolorists, graffiti artists, and photographers. Instagram has expanded Melody’s search, connecting her to artists not only on the East End but from England, India, France and Spain. “I wanted to give back to emerging artists and give them a venue.”

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