By Hugh Janus.

A Stone Appears is an arthouse Meta-Avant Garde short film about a man and a woman live in an infinite routine loop, until a stone appears. 


A Stone Appears is a short film written and directed by Constantine Venetopoulos featuring award winning actor Bill Skarsgård and Emma Doxiadi, with cinematography by Award Winner Sean Price Williams. The film is about a man and woman who live in an infinite repetitive routine, until a stone appears. The film is an ode to the original story of Adam and Eve, with a modern twist. According to the Director the inspiration for the film came by the notion of how people react to new information. The film has been referred to as a ‘Meta Avant Garde’ film. The film is currently being positioned for the festival circuit and is due for a Festival release in late 2016.


Photo by Norman Ding

Marco Maranghello along with Resident Magazine, A Tipsy Girl, Double Cross Vodka, Variety Cruises, Organic Gemini and Mundo NY hosted a private screening at Canoe Studios.

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