By: Kenny Williams


As a lover of television, you can now direct your home from your favorite seat with the Savant Remote, a new smart remote that is able to control your entertainment and lighting with just a touch. Priced at $499, this new device, which is designed with a high resolution touch screen, is capable of giving you easy access to your favorite television and movie programs as well as prioritizing the channels that you love to watch the most.



The Savant Remote supports and controls over 380,000 products, which includes Sonos, Roku, and popular cable boxes. The Savant Remote combines Bluetooth, WiFi, and IR (infrared) wireless technologies and the Savant Remote “starter” pack includes the remote, Savant Host, and Blaster, which is a power IR blaster that you set in the middle of your room.



For setup, you can connect to the Wifi by simply plugging in your Savant devices. You can see the magic of everything with the Savant App, which features an interactive demo that you explore the experience for yourself and it’s free to download in the App Store or Google Play. With the Savant Host, you can use the app and turn your smartphone into a remote.

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