Chuck, say it ain’t so!

By: Bob Nesoff



Ever since State Senator Tim Sullivan forced through the infamous law named after him virtually forbidding the ownership of handguns in New York City-much less the ability to carry one-politicians have striven to make it even more difficult for private ownership of firearms. There’s no intent here to discuss the Second Amendment, stronger laws or the right to carry as 45 of the 50 states now permit. The discussion here is about hypocrisy. Few people will disagree that in as heavily populated an urban area as New York there should be some control over possession and carrying of firearms. We license cars, pilots, marriages and a host of other daily activities. These licenses are within reason and with the extension to same-sex couples; there has been no major flap over the government’s ability to do so.


New York’s senior U.S. Senator, Chuck Schumer, has been in the forefront of legislators seeking to tighten gun control laws and prohibit individuals from having the ability to obtain a carry permit. He’s received considerable support from a segment of the population. Schumer, or “Sunday with Schumer” as he is known in some circles for his propensity to hold new conferences on slow news Sundays and get his face on camera, must have a persecution complex. He often travels with personal, armed bodyguards, an act that few can afford.He also has been the beneficiary of protection from New York’s Finest in his travels around The City, ensuring that no dastardly individual could do him harm. With his phalanx of protectors around him, much like the Roman Praetorian Guard, Chuck Schumer knows he is safe. But here’s the rub. While he is vocally against people possessing a firearms carry permit, Chuck Schumer is one of the elite who does own the little certificate. And here’s an additional rub-while advocating that only law enforcement people should be able to carry a concealed weapon, Chuck Schumer has an “Unrestricted Carry Permit” that gives him the right to be in possession of a handgun in shul, in church in the bathroom.


The Schumer Syndrome seems to be shared by some of his compatriots in the Senate who would deny what they have to any others. On the Left Coast Barbara Boxer and the indefatigable Diane Feinstein, two of the most vociferous anti-gun advocates in the country, share the same privilege as Chuck. They too possess concealed carry permits.


Interestingly, in Vermont, home state of the curious Bernie Sanders, there is no requirement to even have a permit in order to carry a firearm. One would think that someone as far to the left as Sanders would be leading the charge to disarm the venerable residents of the Green Mountain State.

We don’t know if Sanders himself carries. Nor do we know how many Vermonters avail themselves of the right to carry. All w are saying is…isn’t that curious?


While emulating the (what ever happened to) Andrew Stein with his fascination for having his face and name I the news every week, Schumer might answer to both gin rights advocates and those who oppose firearms, why he has an unrestricted carry permit when he also surrounds himself with a platoon of armed guards? Whaddaya say, Chuck?


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Going to the other side of the aisle, questions have been raised as to where has The Donald been in recent days? The Vociferous One has been amongst the missing. He, and Hillary Clinton, both rightly cancelled campaign appearances in the aftermath of the horrendous events in Dallas. They would have been severely criticized had they not done so. But The Donald has been straggly quiet.


The word from inside his campaign fortress is that his advisors have been attempting to remake him into a more presidential figure. They have nightmares about him going to the U.S. as president and referring to Putin as “Vlad the Vicious.” Or to François Hollande as “Frank the Punk.”


Trump, who could be called “Louis the Lip,” is trying to come off more presidential as he loses ground to Clinton in most national polls. His populist stance has been wearing thin even with some of his most ardent supporters and with top level Republicans distancing themselves from him, he needs a new direction. One of the advisors he would do without is Chris Christie, who is so unpopular in his own state that he would be an albatross around Trump’s neck. But The Donald doesn’t seem to have realized that yet. How long is it to Election Day? Good grief, that long?



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