By Jane Pontarelli.


This month my loyal readers and animal lovers, I introduce you to, Stella, Keiki and Molly, and yes they are the Princesses of Mecox Beach, Located at the end of Jobs Lane in Bridgehampton. They can be found holding court on the sand. These 3 have their loyal 4 legged friends and humans, and of course their Mom. They jog and swim with their friends and family, yes they do have the life so many of us aspire to.



Summertime and there livin’ is easy for these three fur babies. For there is so much to see and so much to do. Each minute of their days are filled with them savoring their magnificent season. But these girls can be found now year round, For these three girls, Stella, Keiki & Molly, are now local princeses for the Hamptons. And yes my dear friends, there is a year round community out East. A few years ago family and girls decided to live year round and never looked back, for they had found their paradise.


When I meet Stella and her 2 legged mother and I instantly feel in love with them for they were riding a motorcycle. Stella was even in my coffee table book, “International Pet Scene”. Stella’s mommy and I became fast friends and enjoy golfing, lunching, and raising money for Pet Charities and Breast Cancer, and other social activities together. We enjoy hot dogs and parties on the beach. The girls can be often found, hanging in the kitchen, with their father as he is preparing a banquet, with vegetables grown from his garden. They are a big help in the kitchen as nothing ever hits the floor.


The fur babies mother has always loved animals more than her human counter parts. You can say that she has always felt this way since she was a little girl. Mom explained to me that since she has matured and aged- having animals in her life creates a fullness and purpose and a dimension that makes the aging process all that more palatable, my sentiments exactly.


Still to this day, when either of us pass by a road kill or animal laying lifeless, it breaks our hearts and we shriek with pain. Some of us are just natural born animal lovers. But to be truthful, all animal lovers are people filled with compassion, and selflessness. Combine these two ingredients, and you have a perfect platform for finding love, kindness, and peace. Why do all of us who are animal lovers seem so unselfish and responsible to our four legged buddies who share our lives? So willing to take responsibility for their health, well-being and their particular own aging process? The answer is simple: They make us HAPPY! And, being happy is a state of mind most people would like to achieve. With that in mind, would you rather be a happy person with an animal or cuddle up with your new pocketbook? To us, there is no contest.


Here are five simple reasons why animals are way better than people, and why our four legged pals make us happy:

  • They are covered in fur!
  • They can’t talk- and they can’t talk back
  • They are honest with their feelings, non-judgmental and mindful of life’s every moment
  • They make us feel like we are always #1-even when we know we are not…
  • No matter what the situation, what’s for dinner, or what the weather is like, and including but not limited to: they always acknowledge and mind us- animals love us unconditionally and wholly.

If you want to meet the girls they can be found year round jogging on the beach walking the streets of the Hamptons and living the good life.



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