By:Jennifer Azzolini

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Textile maven Michelle Zahabian Baradarian, grew up in New York and has been around fabrics since birth. Growing up in the Upper East Side and Soho she was able to experiment with different styles of clothes balancing graphic prints and employing draping techniques. By combining her innate sense of uptown chic with the effortlessly cool vibe of downtown, Michelle came to find black and white as a staple with both styles, where your possibilities become endless.


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As a busy modern woman who takes on a multitude of roles, she wanted to create a line that can go from day to night with a versatile collection that is beautiful yet comfortable, and effortlessly chic. With her degree from Pratt in fine arts and fine arts education she wanted to bring that love of the textile industry to her children, which was the impetus behind the creation of her company Jemz- a fun and interactive sewing and arts workshop for kids and adults.



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Meeting many women over her time through Jemz, she found there was a need for those staple pieces for women on the go, where they can dress it up with a pop of color or statement accessories. This core collection of beautiful and classic staple pieces led to the creation of The White Rose. Michelle’s debut collection is elegant and sophisticated, resembling a beautiful white rose. It represents timelessness, for the busy woman who wants to feel comfortable with a boho-chic twist that can be worn anytime, day or night.


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Michelle’s versatile line breaks the boundaries of age and body shape with cuts that are designed to flatter women with curves or thinner physiques with her expert draping techniques and can be worn from a woman in her 20s up to her 70s. A firm believer that a woman should wear the clothes vs the clothes wearing the woman, The White Rose is a beautiful canvas for which women can express themselves in a confident and modern way.

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