By:Cecilia Morales

Imagine All The People

Sir Ivan’s smash hit single, an uptempo dance remake of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” has topped charts nationwide and piqued the ears of millions. Sir Ivan worked with a Grammy Award winning producer in order to create a song that invoked peace during a wave of terrorism. In addition to the album version, there are many additional remixes done by a variety of DJs from all over the world. The most popular one on the radio and the one receiving thousands of downloads and streams on iTunes is called the 7th Heaven Radio Mix. However, Sir Ivan’s sole goal wasn’t to create a Top 40 favorite. For him, the iconic ballad is a call for harmony and amity, something that is personal to the musician’s past.  “I picked that song because my late father was an Auschwitz survivor and 59 of my relatives were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust,” he said. “That’s the reason I chose to remake all the iconic anti-war songs from the Woodstock days. On my new album “Peaceman Shines” I went back to the 60s and early 70s because it was the first time in history where people woke up and were concerned about human rights and social issues.”


Sir Ivan hi resKiss All The Bullies Goodbye 

The Peaceman’s revolutionary activism is being carried out today through Sir Ivan’s dedication to the LGBT community and others that suffer from PTSD. “I did an anti-bullying song when I found out that the attempted suicide rate in the teenage LGBT community is 3 to 5 times higher than the straight teen group,” Sir Ivan continues, “It was to bring awareness to the bullying problem to begin with and how severe it was for LGBT people.” However, Sir Ivan feels that the future looks promising for the younger generations. The younger generation is much more tolerant than the older generation when it comes to sexual preferences and…”what’s normal,” he said. “It’s sort of like they’ve learned by themselves, fortunately.” The Peaceman Foundation and Sir Ivan have contributed over $500,000 to many different non-profits since the charity’s founding in 2005. In addition to the LGBT community, he also gives to other organizations. “I support the Wounded Warriors and the soldiers fighting for us to be free,” said Sir Ivan.

Erotic Art Museum

In addition to his music, Sir Ivan owns and operates a collection of art unique to him and his family.  “My mom passed away last year so my brother sister and I inherited the World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach” he said. “It’s the largest privately owned collection of erotic art on display in the world…We’re going to show it off at Art Basel and make it an annual erotic art party in memory of my mom.”


60 Candles

After celebrating his 60th birthday in January in Miami, Sir Ivan plans to celebrate this August in the Hamptons “I’ve made three invitations. Mainstream press gets an invitation that says it’s an Adam & Eve party. Gay press gets an invitation that says it’s an Adam & Steve party. And lesbian press is getting an Eva & Eve invitation because I want everyone to feel welcome.”  The party’s dress code is “undress to impress” which is “fig leaves or less,” says Sir Ivan. “I’m performing on top of one of the castle balconies. The entire tennis court is going to be a dance floor, not to mention the elaborate decorations. I don’t want to give it away, but you’re really going to feel like you’re in the “Garden of Eden.”

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