By: Dr. Sol Schwartzstein
image1Of all the preparation that goes into getting ready for a big event, the cliché still holds true – you’re never fully dressed without a smile. The only way to guarantee that your smile is as glamorous as you are is to take the best care of your teeth. In addition to basic oral hygiene and regular visits for cleanings, there’s a host of cosmetic options readily available today that’ll bring extra special something to your overall look – and most A-listers won’t smile for the cameras without them. Everyone knows white teeth are a must – even the most perfect outfit can’t make up for stained or yellowed teeth. A bright smile brings a youthful glow to your face and illuminates your whole appearance, and yet some of those too-perfect smiles may be equally off-putting. At Central Park South Dental we offer the most modern options for bringing out the whitest and most natural looking smile.


The most popular option for our busy patients is the Zoom! Professional Whitening System. Zoom takes just 45 minutes in the dental chair and offers immediate and long-lasting results, an average of eight shades whiter. The procedure is safe, comfortable and typically requires only one visit. Our at-home whitening process requires a quick impression of the teeth taken at the office to create the customized trays for the whitening gel. These more affordable trays are also very popular and effective, bringing your smile up to six shades whiter in 7 to 14 days. Of course, whitening is most effective when teeth are in healthy shape. Patients who are unhappy with the size or condition of their teeth can become extremely self-conscious. They will typically find porcelain veneers to be their best option. Veneers are thin porcelain overlays that cover existing teeth to recreate a natural look, and are the quickest and yet most long term route to the perfect smile.


There are several varieties of veneers available to suit each patient’s dental condition and desired look – from those that require very little preparation and are hand waxed to shape the ideal contours, to high-strength solid zirconia veneers for use in combination with larger dental reconstructions. The newest veneers on the market today deliver the most natural feel and translucency while still remaining strong. We evaluate each patient’s needs and preferences to customize the optimal treatment for each individual smile. My happiest moments come when I see our patients smiling proudly for the paparazzi – whether it’s an actress on the red carpet or a bride and groom on their wedding day – or even just for the perfect selfie. We love the increased self-confidence and swagger that our patients display when they can flash that picture-perfect smile at a moment’s notice!

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