By: Dr.Steven Victor

Regenerative Medicine is rapidly elevating the way we approach, access and further define beauty in the twenty first century. The most modern combinations of technology and science are bringing anti-aging therapies specifically designed by the unique cells of each individual to the forefront.

Cosmetic Regenerative Physicians have the newest and most innovative tools in the anti-aging arsenal. They utilize an individual’s fat, stem cells, tissue growth factors and anti-inflammatories to awaken and enable the reparative capabilities naturally produced by the human body.

One of the most exciting procedures available is SAVA. This nonsurgical approach is making strides to someday replace the traditional facelift. SAVA effectively restores lost volume and elasticity as it rejuvenates the appearance and functionality of the skin in a way that is fast, safe and highly effective with very little downtime.


Frequently Asked Questions about SAVA

What is SAVA?
Subcutaneous Augmentation and Vascularization and Anti-inflammatory (SAVA) is a patent-pending technique that separates the stem cells and tissue growth factors from a relatively small volume of fat. SAVA was invented by Dr. Steven Victor, a board certified Regenerative Medicine physician.


What are Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells?
Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells (SVFC) are heterogeneous cells found in our blood vessels that serve as the body’s natural repair cells. They contain the stem cells and tissue growth factors that fight inflammation, increase blood flow, grow new blood vessels, fight cell death, and grow and replace damaged tissues.


How does SAVA differ from other fat grafting techniques?
Other fat grafting procedures rely on a large proportion of fat with fewer stem cells present in the solution. The stem cell benefits are significantly diluted in traditional fat grafting. The SAVA technique utilizes stem cells and growth factors that have been separated from the fat. The anti-inflammatory effects of local delivery are reinforced systemically to magnify the long-term healing capabilities of the treatment. An increase in facial volume, combined with an overall improvement in skin quality is capable of reversing the impacts of aging by 20 years.



How long do the effects of SAVA last?
Dr. Victor has been performing the SAVA technique since 2011 and the results have been remarkable. His patients report long-lasting and ongoing improvements to their skin as well as their quality of life. Theoretically, the results should last up to 10 years.


Is SAVA safer than plastic surgery?
Yes! SAVA is much safer than traditional facelift surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia. There is no risk of damage to blood vessels, nerves or muscles.

Dr. Victor is passionate about Regenerative Medicine and believes it’s no longer good enough to merely look great — he wants his patients to feel great. We can greatly enhance our quality of life by enabling the human body to engage its own reparative capabilities in order to identify and strengthen areas of diminished physical functionality and performance. What once seemed like a futuristic approach is suddenly available to all of us!


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