woman bodyBody Contouring has been quite the buzz in the world of beauty as celebrities and social media have been fueling the quest for perfectly sculpted abs, arms and derrières. And for many, the challenge of losing those last few pounds can seem like an impossible feat. That’s when minimally invasive procedures like AirSculpt Laser Liposculpture comes in. As one of the latest and highly sought after treatments developed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Aaron Rollins, his new method reduces the amount of trauma to the body with a more natural result. And the best part is there are no needles, scalpels, sutures or general anesthesia needed, instead light medication and some laughing gas.


Depending on the treatment area the procedure can last from one to three hours and patients remain awake while a laser is first inserted to literally dissolve fat while also tightening skin. Next, an innovative small cannula that vibrates 1,000 times a minute drains excess fat, allowing for more precision and smoother results. Since there are no stitches and a lidocaine saline solution is injected into the treatment areas, the recovery period can be slightly messy with some leakage for the first few days. Most patients return to work one to three days, and depending on the amount of fat removed can experience discomfort and swelling for the first two weeks. A compression garment must be worn during this period and final results can take up to three months as the body continues to heal and rid itself of excess fluid. Part of a good recovery can include lymphatic drainage massage which can help with unevenness and scar tissue. Lori Kwasnicka, founder of Allied Health Provider, works with New York’s top doctors with medical and cosmetic surgery patients to optimize results with her Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques and lypossages that work wonders and speed up recovery time.


In LA, especially pre-award season, celebs flock to get touched-up – from underarms to bat wings, knees, and arms. And now Elite Body Sculpture has recently opened up an office in New York where renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner can adeptly contour the bodies of any Manhattanite aspiring to look and feel their best.


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