pearl_inruins_trBy: Haiting Tan

Although Danielle Pearl’s affinity with writing began at a young age, the writer took a detour before landing her dream job. Clueless about her future career, Danielle Pearl majored in international relations and politics at Boston University. Realizing she lacked the passion for college, the writer dropped out and worked for a start up company for a decade.


Upon the arrival of her firstborn child, Pearl made the decision to work from home. It was then when she stumbled onto a blog post centering the taboo topic of sexual assault. However, it was the comments that inspired her to pick up a pen to start writing her debut novel, “Normal.” Understanding that while we live in a privileged society where we are educated on issues like domestic violence and relationship abuse, people rush to make judgements regarding sexual assault. It is not uncommon to think to ourselves, I would see these warning signs, I would know what to do. I would tell someone, I would get out.”


With the main character, Rory’s story unfolding through flashbacks, the novel tells of her abusive relationship with her high school sweetheart and her struggles to overcome PTSD and to look for new love. With self-publishing starting to gain traction, Pearl took the opportunity to publish her debut novel in 2014. “Normal,” is now part of the Something More series. Although the ibooks and Amazon international best selling author is a self proclaimed book addict, she remains loyal towards indie books. The author also expressed desire to branch out into writing other genres.


With an 8-year old and 1-year old, Pearl struggles to find a balance between work and family life. As a working mom, Pearl cautions other moms not to trust what you see on social media because most working moms don’t have everything together. “There is no pressure, you don’t need to be perfect.” Pearl says “I can be in the room next door and still miss my kids. However, it is a business therefore it takes dedication. Enjoying the luxury of working from home, my kids get to see the hard work and dedication I commit to my craft.”

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