By:Haiting Tan



Hidden inside the Grand Cul de Sac on St. Barth’s, Le Sereno is the dream destination that travelers have been searching for. Located along the beachfront, guests of the five-star hotel can absorb the crashing sounds of the waves while soaking in the sun. Through his innovation, world acclaimed French designer, Christian Liaigre’s masterpiece is a blend of serenity and laid-back luxury. From the restaurant to the pool, to its rooms and villas, the environment’s soothing atmosphere and breathtaking scenery is in a class of its own.


Whether you’re a family of four, a newlywed couple on their honeymoon or a girlfriend getaway, the accommodations at the family-owned resort caters to your every need. Grand Suite Plage, a one-bedroom suite, features four-poster beds and a sundeck with a panoramic view of the ocean. With similar amenities, the Grand Suite Plage Sud has a comparatively smaller bedroom but a larger terrace and bathroom.
Thanks to Liaigre’s modern vision, the suite has an outdoor sitting and dining area right on the water and a bathroom opening onto a garden and sundeck. Made up of two connecting waterfront grand suite plage, the family suite allows guests to enjoy St. Barth’s in the privacy of their own home. Measuring approximately 7000 sq ft, Le Sereno Villa stays true to the resort’s nature of serenity and laid-back luxury. The villa is equipped with five-star amenities and services such a a maid service along with a half-acre private garden.



The Restaurant des Pêcheurs at Le Sereno believes in a dining experience that is simple and fresh created by Executive Chef Alex Simone. The restaurant is inviting with an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere that can host a casual lunch or formal meal. Fishermen deliver the daily catch each day to ensure unbeatable freshness. With minimal preparation, the chefs at Le Sereno will cook your fish exactly to order—whole or fillet, grilled, seared or whole fish en croute de sel. The best meats and fish are flown in from France to guarantee authentic dishes like the Bouillabaisse a la Ancienne.


Relaxing in one of Le Sereno water treatment villas, guests can feast their eyes on the panoramic view of the clear blue water, or fall asleep to the crashing waves. Since joining the Leading Hotels of the World Ltd, Le Sereno has cemented its place in the hotel industry. With its five-star amenities and services, guests are guaranteed to enjoy a once in a lifetime travel experience.



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