By:Jane Pontarelli

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection on how lucky we all are. You my loyal pet lovers will love this story, about giving thanks and rescuing. I introduce you to Kathy and Lou, a pet loving family… In 2006 their world came crashing down, for their beloved Boca a Bichon who was 13 and a half was called to the Rainbow Bridge. Kathy and Lou whose children were grown were longing to fill the sadness and void in their lives.. Kathy told me that the house was so quiet and still that she decided to fill that void, even Lou, said he would never have a pet again was on board. Their grown children were gone and agreed that their parents should fill their life with joy. I asked Kathy and Lou what they missed most ? And to narrow it down, they missed mealtime with Boca, for he would sit and wait for his dinner and was a perfect gentlemen. Boca had been well trained. After a img_1443few months Kathy could not stand the quiet in the house. Hello internet. Kathy at this time in her life decided she wanted to rescue. 10 years ago this was not so much on our radar screen. Kathy, a former high power business person in the past, did it like a business, did her homework, and as she stated in our interview she really wanted to save a life, little did she realize at the time she would save 2.


Enter Daisy and Haiya, who were born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 10, 2006. Their mom was a puppy mill dog and was rescued by Small Paws Rescue, a Bichon and Bichon mix rescue organization based in Tulsa and of course she was pregnant. She delivered 4 puppies in the vet’s office. The 2 little male puppies didn’t make it and the 2 female puppies went to be fostered by a wonderful group called Small Paws Rescue’s. the head of adoptions is a wonderful women named Bonnie Ferguson. While the girls lived with Bonnie, Daisy would help her with “adoption paperwork”. . It was then that Kathy found Small Paws Rescue in a dog magazine that she had subscribed to. Kathy called Small Paws, never thinking that she would find a fur baby to replace Boca. This is called a leap of faith, Kathy called Robin Pressnall, the founder and director of Small Paws Rescue and talked with her for awhile to find out more about Small Paws Rescue. Kathy talked about losing Boca and how sad she and her family were.




Robin said she would keep them in mind, after a few weeks Kathy had given up hope, Robin called back, with good news and bad, Robin told Kathy she had 2 females but they were bonded, and had to be kept together. Kathy after seeing their pictures fell in love, and said she would take them. So, enter Daisy and Haiya, there new names and new destinations, the girls were put in a crate and shipped via air to Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT. Kathy Lou, and their son Frank, went to pick the girls up and when they saw their cute little faces in that crate just hugging each other, they knew right then and there they made the right decision, for Kathy took a leap of faith, something that many of us do not do. So Daisy and Haiya, who came from nothing but a poor puppy mill mother are 2 Princesses living with Kathy and Lou.


Till this day the girls bring nothing but joy and happiness to their family. Pictured in this article are the girls with their sister Nicole, (Photo by Annie Watt) who is Kathy and Lou’s daughter. Nicole loves taking them for walks and dressing them up in the latest doggy couture. So take that leap of faith and rescue, you will rescue wonderful abandoned pets, and they will rescue you. It is a win win situation.. The Princesses just celebrated their 10th birthday, and Kathy and Lou gave them a big party.. Remember RESCUE…SAD NEWS. I recently lost my Lulu, who was 14 years old. She died in my armjane-pontarelli-1s and I am crushed. I now will RESCUE and God will put a fur baby in my path, who will rescue me.


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