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Hailing from the Big Apple, budding singer songwriter, Whitney Woerz, is on the fast track to superstardom. Recording her debut EP back in January 2015, “Behind the Smile,” was released in November 2015, which documents Woerz’s search for direction as she faces the challenges of being both an artist and a teenager. Viewed approximately 20 million times on all social platforms, her first single, “Loss and Love,”, was met with great reception. Since dropping her album, the 15-year old singer landed a coveted role on NBC’s Today Show where she performed her latest single, “6 Second Love,” on Elvis Duran’s segment “Artist of the Month.”


Signing a distribution deal with Sony Music Label’s RED banner in 2015, Woerz is now managed by established producer, Glenn Rosenstein, who has previously cooperated with superstars such as Madonna and U2. In August of 2015, Woerz began recording an album of covers of her favorite songs at the legendary FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The series called “LIVE from Muscle Shoals: The Fame Sessions” was produced and mixed by Rosenstein.


“Ghost Story,” directed by Academy Award-nominee, Liz Garbus, was written for an internet friend who was struggling with depression was released this summer. Released in the summer of 2016, it has garnered close to 8 million views in social within the first two months and is currently sitting pretty on Amazon’s top 100 tracks. The music video attracted more than 1000 teens hoping to participate in the shoot but only 15 were chosen. Tackling the issues of mental health and bullying, Woerz and Garbus’ aim was to create a clip grounded by raw and honest stories.


A staunch advocate for teen voices against stigma related to teen depression and suicide, Woerz is a huge supporter of Bring Change 2 Mind, organization chaired by Glenn Close. Aware that her celebrity status can shed light on such a taboo issue, Woerz hopes that her music can transcend art, music and effect social justice. Whitney wrote GHOST STORY for a girl she never met who was going to commit suicide and was inspired by how her call to BC2M had helped to prevent her suicide and saved her life. With over 10 million social views, Whitney has publicly stated her commitment to donating a portion of her music profits to LETS Bring Change 2 Mind. Believing that music is a universal language that could help and maybe heal, Woerz hopes her own musical roots and her life experiences can provide insight into serious social issues.


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