felix-malitskyRaised Jewish, Felix Malitsky and his family endured anti-Semitism during his 12 years in Europe. Hopping from country to country until he was 12, the Malitsky family finally immigrated to the US in hopes of finding a better and more stable life. Studying finance, economics and history at University of Connecticut, Malitsky always had a strong passion for business. “I enjoy the opportunities that it provides people. I love taking some-thing small and turning it bigger, it feels as though I am changing the world.” Joining MetLife as Managing Director of MetLife Premier Client Group in 2010, Malitsky is currently President and Managing Partner of Fortis Lux Financial.


A name deriving from the Latin words Strong and Light, Fortis Lux hopes its company can pro-vide strength and guidance in times of uncertainty. With the backing of one of the country’s strongest and most trusted insurance companies, Fortis Lux Financial assists people in achieving financial goals through saving and investing. Forming a partnership with MassMutual fulfills the needs that wealth owners have in the areas of investments, taxes, philanthropy, estate planning, risk management and advice. As president of the company, Malitsky states that he is responsi-ble for everything. “I am responsible for developing and leading leaders. My staff has to be ca-pable of running the company smoothly even when I’m not there.”


With a belief in hiring good people that will do great things for their clients, Malitsky takes a firm stance on employing a diverse group of employees. “I believe that if you hire people who look like you, act like you and think like you, you will not succeed. While sharing an identical vision is crucial, you need a diverse mindset.” While he acknowledges that as a society, we are pro-gressing in terms of our mindset on hiring minorities and women in the work force, there is still a significant inequality when it comes to compensations. Making a conscious effort to give back to society, the company frequently hosts charity drives and community service outings. Due to his family centric upbringing, Malitsky tries to integrate family into the business world by hosting kid-friendly events throughout the year.



As a parent to 6-year old twins, Malitsky understands the struggle of juggling a hectic work schedule along with attempting to be there for his kid’s sports games and school activities. How-ever, the devoted father insists on blocking off time to spend with his children because “success means nothing if you have a broken home.” Occupied in the office five days a week, Malitsky enjoys physical activities in his spare time in fact, the adventurer insists on going skydiving once a year.

Fortis Lux Financial
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