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By:Dr. Sol Schwartzstein


By now you might have had more than enough pumpkin spice lattes to keep you satisfied until next fall, but as the temperatures drop the seasonal treats have only just begun. There are a few things to keep in mind for optimum dental health as you indulge this time of year. Whether it’s the lattes, the new vintage Bordeaux you’ve discovered or the trendiest chai tea on the menu, many of our favorite indulgences can stain teeth. Additionally, the PSL and any other drink made with sugary syrup can remain on your teeth and contribute to cavities. Try switching up to a sugar-free version if available, or simply add cinnamon and nutmeg to enjoy the flavors of the season and skip the syrup all together.


Find a fantastic full-bodied Chardonnay to pair with the heartier meals this time of year and enjoy the red wines, coffee and tea in moderation. Of course, be sure to keep those pearly whites in check by brushing well with a whitening toothpaste and being vigilant and keeping regular dental appointments – no matter how busy the ongoing holidays and obligations keep you. If you’ve noticed that despite your best efforts your teeth are starting to yellow, it’s never too late to reverse the damage; a visit to your dental professional will help you maintain your perfect white smile all year-round. We utilize some of the premier whitening products on the market at Central Park South Dentals Arts, such as the Zoom! Professional Whitening System.


Close-up teeth female between before and after brush the teeth.

With a short 45 minutes in the dental chair, Zoom! offers not only immediate, but long-lasting results, with an average of eight shades whiter. For those who find their busy schedules even busier this time of year, our at-home whitening process is a great choice, requiring only a quick impression of the teeth to be taken at the office to create the customized trays for the whitening gel. These more affordable trays are popular and effective and can perk your smile back up – up to six shades whiter and brighter in just 7 days.


Beware the ubiquitous holiday candy that will soon start appearing at the office – aside from the potential cavities, some of those stickier gummy treats will wreak havoc on dental work. Those who can resist the sweets and go for the healthier options should still be aware when choosing nuts or popcorn – as those notorious kernels can crack a filling or a weak tooth. Make sure to floss well enough to remove the treats that get lodged between the teeth. Bring any damaged fillings or chipped teeth to the immediate attention of your dentist to prevent further damage. We have after hours appointments available at Central Park South Dental and can accommodate patient emergencies – even during holiday time.


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Aside from limiting these indulgences, regular dental maintenance is the key to a great smile. Brushing 3x a day (yes, it really makes a difference), flossing (we know it’s a pain) and keeping your regularly scheduled appointments with the dentist and hygienist will keep your dental health on the right track. We can help you maintain your glowing smile throughout the torrent of seasonal indulgences and keep your teeth bright and healthy for all those happy family gathering and holiday parties.
Dr. Sol is the founder of CPS Dental Arts located at 30 Central Park S, #12b, New York, NY 10019. (212) 558 – 9072

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