By Mikhail Poloskin

Recently we came out to see a solo show, Skin of the City, by a French photographer and artist Augustin Doublet. His works capture the grit and the everyday hum of the city, both showing its incredible diversity and its profound propensity for transformation. His images grasp both the everyday and the extraordinary and truly moving moments that captivate this city.

The show will be up for three weeks from September 20th, 2013 at the Fuchs Projects. Fuchs Projects is a contemporary art gallery founded by Rafael Fuchs in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY in 2012. It is located in 56 Bogart St., which is the primary building for art galleries in Bushwick. Their mission is to preserve, produce, create events and exhibit art works of emerging and mid-career artists who are a part of the Bushwick art evolution and are creating challenging, educating and titillating works that are related, especially, to the photography media.

Go ahead and take a peek for yourself, and we look forward to more shows by Augustin in the future!


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