Your Smile Reflects an Image of Who You Are — To Those You Meet!

When you smile naturally and are confident of the appearance of your teeth, that confidence and self-worth are noticed by those around you. If you hide your smile with your hand or behind your lips, you tell those you meet that you are hiding something.


Let Your Smile Radiate All That Is Great About You!

When you meet someone, and their smile is warm and pleasing, you naturally feel good being around them.  You can be that person! If your teeth are discolored, there is professional dental bleaching. If they are rotated or crooked, they can be straightened with either Orthodontics or Veneers and Crowns using newer technology.


There’s A Whole New World Of High Technology In Dentistry.

If teeth need crowns or veneers, with CEREC Technology ceramic restorations are made in one visit in our office. Dental Lasers reduce or eliminate the need for local anesthesia for many “fillings.” They can be used to recontour soft tissue and can reduce a “Gummy Smile.”


Grandparents May Have Needed Dentures, But Now There Are Options With Dental Implants.

Dental Implants can be used to replace one, several or many missing teeth. Now with guided placement using digital low-dose CBCT scans and digital models of your mouth, the procedures are much faster and more comfortable than ever before.



Here are some things about your smile to think about.

  • Your smile is the 1st thing that people see.
  • You get only One chance to make a First Impression.
  • Unsightly teeth can turn anybody off.
  • During the summer, people get to see more of you.
  • Are you always confident that people are looking at your smile for the right reasons?
  • Your Smile says the Nicest Things about You!



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