Launch party for Photo Butler, a new photo sharing app, during New York Fashion Week, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Photo Butler/AP Images)


Managing Director of Globespan Capital Partners he is constantly on the go searching for new investment opportunities while evaluating and negotiating new investments.

But this Boston-based venture capitalist does with such a sense of grace and integrity that is unrivaled in the shark-infested, dog eat dog world of the alpha male driven realm of technology.


‘’I believe the two greatest gifts you can give are love and laughter,’’ is very much his personal mantra and he exhibits that day and day out. Already recognized by the influential Forbes magazine as on of the Top 100 Dealmakers in the world, you would never know it after spending some time with this visionary because he never flouts all the usual characteristics associated with the typical big shot mogul.; These days, the genius tech-titan is focused on Photo Butler his latest invention. Photo Butler is an app which he intends to re-invent the social media revolution. And he recently sat with the writer to talk up his newest baby.

GEORGE WAYNE – Talk about the origins, the early ideas, notion, for this new App creation Photo Butler.
ANDY GOLDFARB: I started Photo Butler because I believe the two greatest gifts you can can give are love and laughter.


GW – Which is a great mantra to have and support – the gift of love and laughter. But howis Photo Butler a game changer in the world of social media applications?
AG – We are changing the way the world shares memories.


GW – In what way?
AG – We give you instant, automated private photo sharing and there is no one
else that can doe but Photo Butler.And so what we enable you to do is to set up a stream
for an event and ‘’auto magically’’ the photos are shown. So basically, it takes three seconds to take a smartphone photo and forty seconds to post it. And I believe that people are so busy texting and sharing that they are actually missing the real moment, so I want to people to really absorb the moment, the memories where ever they may be with this App. Simply meaning that with Photo Butler the minute you take an image it is ‘’auto-magically’’ shared with your very select chosen group So I want you to be able to share the memories and the love and the laughter all the mundane moments free of distraction. So i want you to be able to share the memories and the connective essence without being distracted. Texting photos is so 2016.


GW – So Photo Butler is the future.
AG- Yes! What we have done is unique. So, for instance, you are at a wedding where a hundred guests can take up to one thousand photos and all the guests have joined on to the Photo Butler then documenting the event for a life time of memories comes easy andfree of distractions. You download the Photo Butler and tap in the given code and its as easy as that. One of the first huge events where we launched the Photo Butler was the Pan Mast Challenge which is the largest athletic cancer charity event in the country over three days where 5000 riders downloaded Photo Butler and was able to then all share their memories without the distraction of texting and posting. Once you do that — you will never again have to say text me a photo or can you take an image with my phone becauseall the images are shared amongst everyone. Being in the stream enables you to be fully present in ways like never before. And these images are only shared amongst all the people invited say to a wedding or maybe it’s a charity event weekend. It’s all shared ‘’auto-magically’’.


GW – And the launch was when?
AG – We launched quietly in March and the broad launch was in New York this past Fashion Week. And we already have thousands on thousands of users.


GW- And yet I will ask once again do we really need another App to crowd my Smartphone?
AG – This is unique – as I said – because it is the only way to ‘’auto-magically’’ share photos to a vast controlled group and with immediate impact. There are a lot of other ways of sharing and they are all very manual. Photo Butler is unique for that one reason. It is not manually posted and it is far more seamless than any other App out there.


GW – So it is event specific.
AG – Yes, for the most part, but no event is too big or too small. It may a dinner with three friends or it maybe a beach party for three hundred, whatever the event, this App allows you to truly enjoy the moment and collect the photo memories like never before. And so now the next effort is to work with bands and brands to better allow them to enable their audiences to have authentic user generated content. For instance a band could use the Photo Butler backstage behind the scenes and share with their fan-base in that context. What is more we also have unique algorithms that sort through each and every photo to make sure the quality is pitch perfect. We analyze almost two hundred pieces of data for every photo so that every image is as photo perfect as possible. And Photo Butler also allows us to customize the algorithms to provide more featured content. So, for instance, for the Pan Master Challenge users wanted to highlight finish-line photos or celebration photos and we were able to adjust the algorithms to provide that featured content. At the end of the day there is no question that Photo Butler will hep enhance your
social media presence.


GW – How did this idea come about ? Was it a brain storm session with a group of tech geeks over herbal tea?
AG – No. The idea was actually mine. I came up with it. I have been doing this for twenty years it comes from my heart. I have been documenting my family for twenty years and then it dawned on me that I needed to give everyone their own Photo Butler. And it was my daughter Lucy who insisted I call it Photo Butler and so I bought the domain name. And then I wrote the business plan and assembled the team to create it. I have investments in over 150 companies and I recruited the best minds from all those companies to hep create Photo Butler. So 70% of the team I assembled have worked before and this is what we have created. We built this App because we want to change the way the world shares memories.


GW – And there is no doubt in my mind that you will Andy Goldfarb! GW completely and enthusiastically supports the notion that you are the coolest and smartest and nicest under-the-radar tech titan genius in America. And the world will come to know your name and acknowledge your particular genius and gifts to mankind in short order.




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