By W. A. Muller

Good Gaming Inc., a subsidiary CMG Holdings Inc., announced the launch of, an eLearning and social networking platform that empowers a new generation of eSports gamers to Game Better.

Good Gaming’s mission is simple: provide gamer’s with the tools, resources and networking framework they need to go from an aspiring amateur to eSports Champion.section-1-good-gamer-940x459

Trading A Volatile Market : Ebola and European Weakness

By Larry Greenfield

Volatility is a stock traders best friend. In 2008 volatility was extreme, that is a number of trading sessions where buying and selling occurred at levels in excess of normal. In fact, the stock market has a specific indicator known by the short-hand ‘VIX’ or unofficially, “the fear gauge” to monitor this activity. Up until recently levels of volatility have been anemic. Volatility gives the two way trader the ability to profit from market moves wether the indices are trading up or down. The general public and in many cases the novice trader is either ignorant or afraid of trading a downward trending market. Speaking from experience by far my most memorable trades were on the short side of the market. Selling short is borrowing stock in the hope of buying it back at a cheaper price pocketing the difference. It is the riskiest trade because if you are wrong there is unlimited upside to a stock. Downside is limited to zero.shared_photo-620x929

New York Chocolatier Jacques Torres and Executive Chef Alex Reyes Offering a Four-Course Chocolate Dinner Halloween Eve at Saks Fifth Avenue

WHO:             Jacques Torres, founder of Jacques Torres Chocolate ( and Alex Reyes, Executive Chef, Café SFA, Saks Fifth Avenue   WHAT:           A rare collaboration of chocolate and savory for which Jacques Torres and Alex Reyes will man the kitchen on the 8th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. There, the chefs will present a magnificent four-course…

Naughty but Nice

By Rob Shuter Our morning show, The Gossip Table is back on VH1 and I can’t help thinking that if it was not for Joan Rivers the show would never exist. A Little Help from Joan Not only did she give me the idea for the show, actual gossip columnists breaking original reporting each morning,…

Around The Town

With Columnist Joe Alexander & Photographer Patrick McMullan Sin City 2 star Jessica Alba confides, “I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss,” adding, “I could have sexual chemistry with vinegar.” Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “Celebrity doesn’t have anything to do with art or craft. It’s about being rich and thinking…

The Scoop Troupe

By Rory Winston
Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images

The dope, the skinny, the lowdown, the dirt… Ever since antiquity, we’ve been consumed by a need to know ‘what’s going down’ with those who are ‘higher up.’ We want hearsay confirmed, laundry aired, scandals unearthed, calumny dispelled; we hanker for a behind-the-scenes look at our celebrities, craving access to exclusive realms. We want to be privy to the private lives of public figures. And – more than anything – we yearn to unveil the inner workings of the very legends that we have so painstakingly shrouded in mystery. Having deified and worshipped mortals, we, paradoxically, wish to see them undone – exposed as the sordidly ordinary human beings they are. In an age devoid of belief in the supernatural, the deconstruction of celebs has become a means of transcendence. Building gods with planned obsolescence, we take pleasure in replacing them, proving again and again that they are no better than us. In this world of fleeting rapture, the gossip columnist is high priest.

Philanthropic Princess

By Isaiah Negron Every year on October 31st, philanthropist and animal advocate Michele Riggi dons a regal wedgewood gown and her best princess smile for her annual Halloween Extravaganza at the Palazzo Riggi in Saratoga Springs, NY. From a glittering full-size carriage with live ponies to attending footmen, Riggi’s Cinderella distributes hugs and chocolate bars…