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At the Height of Holiday Abandonment Season LONG ISLAND BULLDOG RESCUE’S (LIBR) Annual Charity Dinner & Auction Helps Skyrocketing Number of High-Needs English Bulldogs


Animal advocates Beth Stern, wife of radio legend Howard Stern; The Real Housewives of N.J.’s Dolores Catania; TV Host Tom Murro; Jason B. Hurwitz, producer of The Dog Wedding; Actress Leesa Rowland; and best-selling author Jill Rappaport were among over 200 supporters that came out on Monday night (December 12) to The London NYC Hotel on West 54th Street, to help the ground-breaking, New York-based Long Island Bulldog Rescue (LIBR) serving nine Northeast US states and Southeast Canada, raise urgently needed funds to help, heal and home the skyrocketing number of loving English Bulldogs in desperate need of their forever families!



Other guests in attendance included Karen Koeningsberg, Sibylle Eschapasse, Wendy Diamond, Larry Wohl, Michael Travin, Melissa Kassis, Grace Foster, Dennis Buonagura, Joseph Olshefsky, Ashley Parks, Aaron Jones Williams, Dr. Lisa Esposito, Nadine Rando, Sue Keating, Brendon Cavanaugh, Collin Cavanaugh, Emily Blumkin, Jill Kochmann who enjoyed live jazz music, a dinner buffet filled with roast turkey and asparagus, and wine donated by Chatham Imports.  Bulldog Gin, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, novelist Patricia Cornwell and Staci Gruber, the RTA Store and the Honest Kitchen sponsored the event.


Beth Stern with Bulldog

Beth Stern, Bulldog
photo by Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com © 2016


Beth Stern

Beth Stern
photo by Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com © 2016

The successful auction was filled with fabulous items such as


LIBR Founder Laurette Richin, Beth Stern, Veterinarians, and over 300 volunteers donate their time and effort to help their precious bulldogs.  Ms. Richin said, “It is the height of the Holiday Abandonment Season — when people leave puppies, injured and senior dogs to attend this year’s parties or go on vacation.  Also, when they are forced to surrender them because of expensive health costs and other circumstances that make it impossible for them to keep their dogs — LIBR responds NOW.”


Beth Stern with Laurette Richin or Jill Rappaport

Laurette Richin, Beth Stern, Jill Rappaport
photo by Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com © 2016


Beth Stern Posing Books

Beth Stern
photo by Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com © 2016


Dolores Carania with Beth Stern

Dolores Carania, Tom Murrow, Beth Stern
photo by Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com © 2016


Whether abandoned as impulsively as they are purchased, or surrendered by heartbroken families, these loving dogs face imminent death.  LIBR can only save as many as they can afford to help, heal and home.


If you are interested in giving some of these loving abandoned bulldogs a forever home here are some that are available:

English Bulldog

English Bulldog – Name, Asia, 6 years old. Just post-spay. No animals, loving to people.



Bulldogs Tyson Bella

English Bulldogs – Names, Tyson & Bella, ages 6, are good dogs that are a bonded pair! They need a home with no other dogs or kids.


Bulldog Sadie

English Bulldog – Name is Sadie, four years old. Sadie is good with kids and cats, but needs a family with no dogs.

Bulldog Koko

English Bulldog – Name, Koko.
Koko is seven years old and great with kids and dogs. She is a super active, playfull girl. (LIBR is not convinced of this age, they think she is younger.)


LIBR is a member of the New York City Mayor’s Alliance and BCARN: Bulldog Rescue Club of America Network.  The non-profit has helped more than 10,000 families and saved more than 3,500 Bulldogs. They rescued 280 dogs in 2015. LIBR has achieved an unparalleled 97% forever family success and takes back those dogs requiring a different placement, so every dog that enters LIBR’s network is always welcome back.  The organization provides top medical care for HALF the cost of leading rescue organizations and offers lifeline supports to our rescues and their families.



Since 1999, English Bulldogs moved up to #5 (#4 in our cities) most popular breed, from  #46 most popular breed, inspiring people to breed and sell them under unimaginably cruel conditions and false premises, through stores and websites trying to meet demand.


LIBR has an unmatched record for helping, healing and homing even the most damaged dogs.


For more information about LIBR or to make a donation: Phone: 516-429-4463, Email: [email protected], or visit: www.longislandbulldogrescue.org.  

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