By Jen Azzolini. 

Take your performance to the next level! Start by fueling your body with 100% beet juice. This is an exciting discovery not only for athletes but people who enjoy working out as well.


There is a growing amount of evidence that proves beet juice can improve blood nitrate levels, reducing fatigue. Beet Performer is high in natural nitrates, which will help carry oxygen faster to your muscles and blood flow throughout the body. It is a unique source to boost your cardiovascular wellness and to improve intensity levels of workouts.


With no caffeine or added sugar, it is perfect before workouts to help increase performance, improve strength, and help the body recuperate after physical activity. These colorful root vegetables have powerful nutrients that have a spectrum of many benefits. Beet Performer is a natural source for energy, and can reduce blood pressure. Drinking beet juice is 10x times more nutritious because it is highly concentrated, rather than breaking down the health benefits when cooked.


Beet Performer is available in two delicious flavors; Beet with B12 and Beet with Passion Fruit Juice. Beet with B12 has an earthy flavor, which comes from an organic compound geosmin, which gives it a fresh sweet taste. If you like a more fruitful taste, Beet with Passion Fruit will provide you with the best of both worlds. It is tropical and great for natural sweetness. It is 100% natural and never has any artificial flavors. Take advantage in the taste and health benefits of Beet Performer.


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