On February 13th, the Salt Queen: Bettina Werner, an internationally renowned pioneering Milan born American artist, unveiled her one of a kind innovative collection of glowing salt-crystal artworks at the notable ABXY Gallery. The exhibition runs until March 3rd, 2018.


Dalmatian Salt Crystal Painting “TIBINO, Treasure of my Heart”, 2008 by Bettina Werner


Known as the Salt Queen for her significant accomplishments within the art world, Bettina Werner has attracted international attention since the early 1980s for her invention of her own technique for colorizing and texturizing salt crystals, and became the first artist to use salt exclusively as an art medium.



Salt Crystal Painting “Green-Aquamarine Heart CHAKRA”, 2017 by Bettina Werner


Her work has been widely recognized and featured in prestigious galleries, museums, and private collections including the Whitney Museum, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Detroit Institute of Art, Portofino Museum, Italy, and Nicos Vernicos of Athens, Greece just to name a few.


Salt Crystal Painting “Horizon”, 2001 by Bettina Werner








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