Summer is winding down and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Once August ends, what else do you have to look forward to? Labor Day sales, of course! In just a few weeks, you’ll be inundated with Labor Day sales ads from all your favorite stores. 

But be sure to spend wisely! Not everything in the ads is a good deal. Some of the items are on sale now but will be labeled as Labor Day sale items to entice you to shop. Many more items are overpriced and not really a good deal at all. Some items will be cheaper if you wait another month or two, while Labor Day is a great time to purchase some items. What should you buy and what should you skip? DealsPlus, an online community of savvy shoppers and bargain hunters sharing the best deals and sales, has rounded up all of the best Labor Day sales of 2016, and you can also read on to see what Linsay Thomas, a writer for DealsPlus, has included in this comprehensive guide to Labor Day shopping.


What Not to Buy

What Not to Buy Resized

Don’t splurge on these items just yet. Wait a couple months before spending money on the following items: 

* Toys. You’ll find the hottest toys – and hottest deals – in December. That’s when new releases come out for the holidays. So go ahead and procrastinate on your Christmas shopping. You have a good excuse. 

* Fall and winter clothes. Now that summer is on its way out, everyone will be buying their cold weather clothing. Because there will be a lot of supply and demand, you won’t see coats or boots on sale anytime soon. You might see some discounts around Columbus Day, but for the biggest savings, shop for these items around Christmas or even after the first of the year. 

* Electronics. New electronics – such as tablets and smartphones – are typically released in late September/October. If you buy something during Labor Day weekend, it’s going to be even cheaper if you wait another month. Hold off on TVs and video games as well. They’ll be cheaper on or after Black Friday, so wait until the end of the year for the biggest discounts. 

* Cookware. You’ll be doing a lot of cooking and baking for the holidays, so Labor Day sounds like a good time to stock up on cookware, right? Wrong! Wait a few months and save big. Cookware sales happen in November and December, so that’s when you want to buy. 

* Patio furniture. While retailers start dropping prices on patio furniture around Labor Day, you can do better. Keep checking back every week and you’ll see prices slashed more and more. Try to plan your patio furniture purchase for late September if you want to save the most money. 



What to Buy

What to Buy Resized

If you’re going to hit the stores for the extended Labor Day weekend, be sure to come home with some of these hot deals. 

* School supplies. Most schools start in August, so by the time Labor Day rolls around, you likely already have everything you need. But if there are still a few things you haven’t bought yet – like laptops or notebooks – get them now. 

* Summer clothes. Get outfitted for next summer now by saving up to 85% on swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, sandals and more. Stores need to make room for winter clothes, so summer clothes will be priced to move. Inventory may be limited, though, so shop early. 

* Cars. Dealerships have to make way for next year’s models, so if you’ve been itching for a 2016 car or truck for a while, Labor Day is a great time to buy. Opt for an older model and you’ll save even more. You can find specials on SUVs in particular. 

* Appliances. Manufacturers like to offer deals and special releases on major holidays such as Labor Day, so retailers pass the savings on to you. If you’re in the market for a washer, dryer or refrigerator, get it the first weekend of September and save up to 30%. 

* Mattresses. Mattress sales are popular during Labor Day weekend. Expect to save big – up to 60%. However, avoid shopping online, unless you want to watch your savings go toward shipping costs. Drive to the store and avoid hefty delivery fees.


Labor Day Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips Resized

Now you know what to buy and what to hold off on, here are a couple additional tips to help you save. 

* Do some comparison shopping. Stores like to trick you into thinking you’re getting a great price on something, but in fact it may be overpriced. You don’t have to go from one store to another to find the best prices. Use a site like PriceGrabber, which will show you which store has the lowest price on a certain product. 

* Be patient. You might want to shop earlier in the weekend to get a jump start on savings, but you’ll likely find better deals as the weekend ends. Retailers don’t want to hold on to seasonal merchandise, so they’ll be practically giving it away by Labor Day evening. Just be advised that you might not have much to choose from by then. 


Author: Linsay Thomas 

Bio: Linsay is a writer for the DealsPlus blog, and she’s best known for her savvy shopping skills. She offers helpful shopping hacks for all major holiday sales as well as ways to save on every day shopping, making her an expert in the field.

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