By Julie L. Sagoskin


Looking for the usual car buying experience? Definitely don’t head to the Cadillac House in Soho. Not only won’t there be any harassing car salesmen, but the cars aren’t even for sale! Instead, the cars are lined up as if they were on a runway, and you can relax in the space’s chic atrium while sipping on some Joe coffee.

The first and only Cadillac space of its kind, Cadillac House, located at 330 Hudson Street, aims to re-brand Cadillac to appeal to the younger generations who might still associate Cadillacs with the clunky town car their Grandpa used to drive: this modern, inventive space, will definitely drive those notions away!

Cadillac House not only shows off their sleek, stylish new line of cars, but also combines art, food and fashion into one space. Whether you want to relax on a sofa or have a cup a joe at the store’s in-house Joe Coffee pop-up shop, this place will make you forget there are even cars inside! The space also features changing art exhibits and gives rising fashion designers who don’t yet have their own stores a place to showcase their work.

The House, which is more of an art gallery and cafe than a car dealership, will even be hosting runway shows when Fashion Week returns to the city. This cool space, located right under Cadillac’s new headquarters, is proving to be so successful, that they are already planning on opening more stores. Whether you want to check out a car at your own leisure, have a coffee, or discover a new fashion exhibit, this space is definitely worth checking out.

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