A Philanthropist with a Heart


By Wayne Rollins Photos by Michael Paniccia and Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Hair Henry de la Paz of Warren Tricomi Mandy Hernandez Make-up Melissa Strazza of Kamara Annert Renee Garnes for Artists at Wilhelmina /Nars While there are many who have a favorite charity, there are few who devote a significant portion of their lives […]

Country to Country


By Rory Winston Photos by Mike Coppola​/Getty Images Hair/Makeup: Bella on Demand Beauty Alexander Acosta It’s not enough to be American. You always have to be something else, Irish-American, German-American, and you’d wonder how they’d get along if someone hadn’t invented the hyphen,” wrote the late great Frank McCourt, in Tis: a memoir. Another Irish-American […]

Dressed to the Teeth and Beyond


By Rory Winston Photos by Michael Loccisano​/Getty Images Hair/Makeup Bella on Demand Beauty Angel Morales Didn’t even need therapy to rehabilitate my smile,” croons Regina Spektor in her song Rejazz. Lucky her. Unlike the Russian born singer-songwriter most people need help with their teeth and occlusion. It’s almost easy to imagine Spektor’s phrase being answered […]

Back to the Future


By Rory Winston Photos by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Hair/Makeup Bella on Demand Beauty Angel Morales Shortly after Ballet Russe’s Parisian debut of Scheherazade in 1910, couturier Paul Poiret ran from the theater as though seized by a revelation. For the next few months he immersed himself in studying everything from harems to geishas to […]

Media’s Heir Apparent


By Rory Winston “One day all this will be yours’ begins the hackneyed phrase. As for what ordinarily follows: ‘A tract of land,’ ‘a house,’ or ‘a list of inconsequential chattel.’ What we don’t expect is a gun used by Bonnie and Clyde, an amusement park, a valley’s worth of dolls; that is unless we’re […]

The Brothers Kassir


By Rory Winston  Photos by Andrew Walker/Getty Images Hair/Makeup: Bella on Demand Beauty Alexander Acosta and Michael Hodgins​ In 1783, the Montgolfier Brothers launched the world’s first hot air balloon. In 1903, the Wright Brothers invented the first fully powered airplane – a feat that would revolutionize warfare, commerce, travel, technology and society as a […]

The Quintessential Hostess

DSC_9688_001 - Copy

By Hillary Latos Photos by Michael Loccisano​/Getty Images Hair/Makeup: Bella on Demand Beauty-Angel Morales, stylist Thank you to The Warwick Hotel for the use of their space Even if you’re not a huge fan of reality tv shows, The Real Housewives of NY is as addictive as it is fun to watch and vicariously peer […]

Kick Kennedy: Fights For The Animals

Kick Kennedy 002

By Christopher A. Pape Photos by Larry Busacca/Getty Images Hair by Ivy Camacho for Angelo David Salon | ELCHIM Makeup by Houda Casablanca for Angelo David Salon | NARS Thanks to The Humane Society of New York for two adorable puppies & The OUT Hotel for use of their space Although young, the accolades for […]

Howard M. Lorber: At the Top of his Game

Howard Lorber

By Christopher A. Pape Cover Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Story Photos by Brad Barket/Getty Images “To the victor belongs the spoils,” or so the old adage goes. For Howard M. Lorber, chairman of Douglas Elliman, the largest residential real estate brokerage in the New York metropolitan area and the third largest real estate […]

Connecting Optimal Physical Health with Clarity of Mind

By W. A. Muller New Yorkers lead particularly demanding lifestyles. Long sedentary days spent in front of computer screens in badly positioned office chairs, cradling cell phones whilst hurrying to the subway, or carrying heavy handbags over one’s shoulder are all examples of things that can lead to poor posture, chronic body pain, low energy, […]

The Scoop Troupe


By Rory Winston Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images The dope, the skinny, the lowdown, the dirt… Ever since antiquity, we’ve been consumed by a need to know ‘what’s going down’ with those who are ‘higher up.’ We want hearsay confirmed, laundry aired, scandals unearthed, calumny dispelled; we hanker for a behind-the-scenes look at our […]

Philanthropic Princess


By Isaiah Negron Every year on October 31st, philanthropist and animal advocate Michele Riggi dons a regal wedgewood gown and her best princess smile for her annual Halloween Extravaganza at the Palazzo Riggi in Saratoga Springs, NY. From a glittering full-size carriage with live ponies to attending footmen, Riggi’s Cinderella distributes hugs and chocolate bars […]

Fall Trading: Watching the color of money change


By Larry Greenfield This is the season where the active trader looks to make his/her mark. It is the time where traders leave the beach and head for the trading desk – be it at the office or at home in the basement. Hunting season is imminent and so the instincts of the fisherman, the […]

Picture-Perfect Periodontist


By Isaiah Negron Former White House Periodontist Dr. Nicholas Toscano has worked on the smiles of Nicole Kidman, President George W. Bush, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sonja Morgan and Patrick McMullan. The Columbia University School of Dental Medicine graduate and a United States Navy veteran confides, “I also have lot of blue collar […]

East Meets West at Ling Skincare


By Hillary Latos The East has always been revered for its homeopathic skincare products that use ancient and herbal healing ingredients that harness powerful anti aging effects producing age defying results. Thanks to renowned skin care expert to the stars, Ling Chan, the search for amazing skin is over! She combines her vast knowledge of […]

Relax at Spa Castle


By Peizhao Sun Premium relaxation, incredible massages and delectable Korean food aren’t all there is to the famed mega-spa-extravaganza. Standing in College Point, Queens, the expansive funhouse that is Spa Castle is nothing but marvelous for its luscious presentation of Asian leisure traditions, as well as the unique layout, accompanied by a serene and relaxing […]

Dr. Steven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS – Empowering Beauty


By W. A. Muller Distinguished facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Steven J. Pearlman, of New York’s Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, is one of the city’s most accomplished and highly-regarded specialists for surgical and non-surgical procedures above the neck – receiving international recognition for his trademarked procedures such as the “Cupid’s Bow Lip” and “Pearl Lift”, […]

Deron Williams On Point


By Rory Winston Photos by Andrew H. Walker for Getty Images Larger than life: for both a literal and figurative translation see under ‘Deron Williams.’ Entering his high ceilinged Tribeca home is like walking onto an installation by Jeff Koons where a contemporary god wrought of cast iron and aluminum stoically stands with hands extended […]

Fitness Finds the Perfect Fit


By Rory Winston ‘State-of-the-art,’ ‘scientifically tested,’ ‘personally tailored…’ Let’s face it; these have become no more than high-fiber phrases for the selling of dietary products and fitness programs. Whether it’s a Nautilus-evangelist soaked in steroids on the shopping channel or a spiritual healer sharing a long lost Mesopotamian weight loss diet on the Morning Show, […]

The Last Laugh


By Rory Winston Having been brought up in a middle class Jewish neighborhood, to this day it’s difficult not to smile whenever I hear the words ‘dry cleaner.’ Throughout my adolescence the profession evoked a series of one-liners. Whether it was an elderly family member misquoting Myron Cohen’s “Mister, that ticket’s over ten years old…

The Alt Alternative


By Rory Winston Photos by Larry Busacca/Getty Images Eliana and Luisel Ramos, Ana Carolina Reston, Isabelle Caro: While the list of renowned models succumbing to anorexia has become all but too familiar, it wasn’t all that long ago when most of the media was oblivious to the damage elicited by the fashion industry in their […]

In Bed with Pop


By Rory Winston Photos by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images As the mellifluous voice of Ariana DiLorenzo nonchalantly scampers across the unmistakably jagged line “Just because I’m in your bed doesn’t mean I’m yours”, one suspects that the identity of the culprit being addressed could as easily have been all of pop music as the lover alluded […]

Janis & Carly Spindel


Photo Credit: Katya Productions The Leading Mother-Daughter Matchmaking Team By W. A. Muller Janis and Carly Spindel, the leading mother-daughter matchmaking team, are uniting lonely hearts across the United States and Can­ada. The duo specializes in matching eligible men and women and now with daughter Carly’s efforts enhances Janis’ already pre-eminent matchmaking services making them […]

A Force of Nature: Alix Astir Reigns as NYC’s Rose Queen


By Lucy Dotson Photos by Michael Loccisano for Getty Images 2 am, Chelsea. A taxi grinds to a halt, circled in streetlight. Alix Astir, the strikingly beautiful CEO of Trellis Fine Florals, steps out, her signature moto jacket draped across slim shoulders. She’s here to buy flowers, a morning ritual, and one she insists on […]

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