Music is universal and melodies touch hearts and souls around the World. Music can change your emotion in an instant. It can transport you to a time and place and it can heal the soul. That’s the power and beauty of music.

For the last two decades, Charlie Scopoletti, a two-time cancer survivor has harnessed his gift of writing impactful songs with lyrics that heal, inspire and motivate.

Charlie considers Rob Thomas, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Michael Franti and Hall & Oates among his musical influences, and he does them proud as an honest storyteller with a terrific ear for melody and a unique life story delivered through song.

“Writing songs is such CS with Logo Darka passion of mine. I love the whole experience from start to finish. The way inspiration appears and a melody forms from out of the silence. It’s magical and spiritual; it’s a connection at the highest level”.

Charlie is proof that musicians have influence that can lead to real impact. Teaming up with Cancer organizations to raise awareness and funds to help in the united mission to conquer Cancer.

Recently, Charlie was asked to write and perform a song for the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation for their 14th Annual Dream & Promise Gala, held at Cipriani’s on Wall ST. Charlie stood on stage in the hustle of NYC, and spoke openly about his struggles with Cancer, how he beat and overcame adversity and how he lost his childhood best friend to her battle with a Brain Tumor.

As the guests in attendance stopped their conversations and listened to each word Charlie spoke and each heartfelt lyric, there was a deep connection and an overwhelming understanding of why everyone was there.

The song he wrote is called “Light that Shines,” it’s a song full of heart and inspiration, it will lift your spirit to soar and shine bright. Charlie recorded the song with Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winning Robert L. Smith and Defy Recordings LLC.

100% of the proceeds go directly to CBTF so they can continue to offer the support, programs and research that greatly impact the families and survivors they work with.

To learn more about Charlie’s music, book him to speak, perform or write a song go to

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