In partnership with Luxe Bloom, Langham Place, New York now features innovative holiday tree in the lobby comprised entirely of over 3,500 preserved roses in the brand’s signature shades of Langham Pink. Thanks to Luxe Bloom’s unique preservation technique, these roses will last the entire Christmas holiday and beyond! According to Luxe Bloom’s founder, Shelley Rosen, “This was a unique chance for us to showcase our transformative innovation in florals, custom-made with festive décor tailored to the brand history of Langham Hotels. We feel privileged to be able to showcase this bespoke design this holiday season at Langham Place, New York.”


Langham Holiday Tree from michael travin on Vimeo.


It took six people two days to install the tree – which involved mounting a traditional artificial tree, lighting it, and then hand placing and wiring in each individual rose to the tree. Hand-wrapped gifts, also featuring Luxe Bloom pink roses as decoration, were placed under the tree as the final touch.







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