Sometimes adults crave a much-needed escape from everyday life. From the hustle and bustle of the city to the daily responsibilities we all juggle, it’s easy to just want to get away from it all and have a carefree weekend of fun and rejuvenation. This is exactly what David Schreiber of Club Getaway offers his campers. For the past 40 years, Club Getaway has been a festive haven for men and women of all ages throughout their annual six-month season from April through October.


Once a veteran of the corporate world, David turned his attention to running summer camps for children before purchasing the 320-acre camping resort four years ago. “I would always talk to parents who would drop off their kids at camp and say to me, ‘I want to do this,” he recalls. “So I’ve always known the Club Getaway concept, and now I can give that experience to everyone.” Running the camp with his wife Gayle, David provides a means to get away from the claustrophobia of the everyday grind.


“Our overall mission is to bring the camp experience to everyone,” David says. “We want to bring that magic that you can only find when you get caught up in the moment, when no one is looking at their phones and just socializing in real life.” Club Getaway will hold their legendary Fall Finale from October 7th through the 9th, to close the 2016 season with a bang. “We’re going to bring Halloween forward with a fun, zany weekend,” he explains. “Every year it’s an absolute great time and everyone gets really into it.”


Starting with an Oktoberfest happy hour, the Fall Finale weekend will feature adult activities like kayak races, zip lining, a Geronimo Jump and a Jets vs. Giants-themed flag football game, complete with tailgating, cheerleaders and a halftime show. “There’s a collective energy that’s simply amazing,” says David. “People get up on the tables and start dancing, just letting go. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they get caught up in the moment.”


The Fall Finale culminates with a massive walk-through haunted house and costume dance party, a true celebration of the fun that comes with the fall season. “Watching people’s faces when they get scared or see a great costume is just hysterical,” he admits. “That’s what we’re about, creating magical moments.” After 40 incredible years, Club Getaway is as innovative and entertaining as ever, truly reminding us why we enjoyed camp as children. “300 people in the same place with the same goal to let go of life’s stresses creates a community you can’t find anywhere else,” concludes David. “I sincerely promise you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

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