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Timing is everything in life, it could be the difference between life or death or in our newest McDreamy’s case, it was almost a missed opportunity. While Ben Hollingsworth is famed for playing the dashing Doctor Mario Savetti on CBS critically acclaimed drama Code Black, he was a green card away from passing up his breakthrough role. Fortunately for the actor, his green card papers arrived on the morning the network was supposed to make a decision regarding his hiring.


Hailing from Brockville, a small town in Ontario, Hollingsworth got his first taste of acting by starring in a High School play where he took on the challenge of playing a mentally challenged youth living in Toronto. It was then that he discovered his passion for acting. Instead of making a rash decision to move down to Hollywood, the actor wanted to learn the craft therefore enrolled at National Theatre School of Canada. Graduating in 2006, the actor became roommates with teen star Nina Dobrev in Toronto. While the brunette beauty shot to superstardom with the teen show “Vampire Diaries,” Hollingsworth broke into Hollywood by starring alongside Demi Moore and David Duchovny in “The Joneses.”


Long forgotten for his role as Mike Jones, he now plays Doctor Mario Savetti a first-year resident struggling to stay afloat in a busy emergency room on CBS “Code Black.” While audiences can anticipate the show’s return on 28th September, Hollingsworth reveals that his character’s dad played by Eric Roberts will show up at Angels Memorial Hospital. It turns his world upside down as the doctor has been trying to escape his past. The actor lets on that one of his fellow cast mate’s life will be in jeopardy in the first episode.


Benjamin is grateful for the opportunity not simply in terms of achieving nation-wide fame but having a glimpse into the lives of ER doctors. In order to finesse his craft, the actor takes time travel down to hospitals to shadow ER doctors. As the Hollingsworths have a doctor in the family, the actor hopes he can put his medical knowledge to good use in his next life. The 32 year old actor reveals that the show’s success is attributed to the culture built on set. While the show is fictional, “there is always a real ER doctor on set with a couple other actors from different background and 10 to 15 registered nurses that come onto set for about three to four days a week.”




An avid hockey fan, the actor’s currently at work on a passion project that centers on a hockey icon. He wanted to us to remain hush on the specific details but the film will take place in 1930 and center around Hollingsworth’s favorite hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Whereby the movie is still in development, he plans on filming it in Toronto and New York. Hollingsworth wrote the film on the rooftop of his old residence in Toronto, on Mutual St. a locations that had a clear view of the old Maple Leafs Gardens. The film will feature young families struggling to make ends meet in the aftermath of the Great Depression. “Hockey was their hope” he explains. Hollingsworth intends the film to be a love letter to the speed and physicality of the game. He feels no other film has truly captured the immersive experience of playing in a high octane hockey game. While he currently resides in Los Angeles with his family, the multi-talented actor states that he did writing for the New York section of the film when he lived in the city for seven to eight months back in 2009.


The Code Black actor married Nila Myers, a lingerie designer and Bar Method teacher back in 2012, after two years of dating. The couple recently welcomed son Hemingway Nash Hollingsworth back in July. Claiming that he can’t stop sharing pictures of his son, the new father states that fatherhood has completely changed him. “Life just stops when he smiles and I don’t want to be anywhere else than with him.” While changing diapers and feeding a newborn child in the early hours of the day may be a hassle, Hollingsworth says there is a certain sense of pride, identity and fulfillment to being a father. While his career has taken flight, things at home seem to be blissful as the actor reveals that he and his wife are planning for a second child.


Despite finding success in Los Angeles, the actor says that he will always identify with being from Toronto. The Code Black actor credits Toronto for grounding him and allowing him to connect with his roots.


With a budding career and a loving family by his side, the actor can only look back and laugh when looking back on how different his life would be had his green card papers hadn’t arrived on time.


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