¡Cuba! explores the extraordinary biodiversity across the Caribbean island nation’s remote forests, mysterious caves, expansive wetlands, and dazzling reefs through immersive exhibits developed with colleagues from the Cuban National Museum of Natural History. The bilingual exhibition also highlights Cuba’s culture, its people, and its history. Open to the public from November 21, 2016 through August 13, 2017, the exhibition will let visitors:




  • walk through an immersive reconstruction of the Zapata wetlands, home to the endangered Cuban crocodile
  • try their hand at Cuban dominoes and listen to contemporary Cuban music
  • examine the fossil remains of a giant ground sloth once common to the island
  • project paintings, sculptures, or performance art by contemporary Cuban artists     on the walls of an interactive art gallery
  • check out live reptiles and amphibians—including the Cuban boa, the Cuban tree frog, and six different species of tree-dwelling lizards called anoles



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