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While sipping on cocktails at the New York Comedy Club, Resident Magazine had the pleasure of attending the “The Dating Game” event at the New York Comedy Club, featuring relationship expert Julia Bekker and HGTV host and comedian Chuck Nice.

Julia Bekker, a relationship and match-making expert, welcomed coupled and singles alike during meet and greet where she answered questions and provided the audience with dating and relationship advice.

Following the meet and greet, Nice provided the audience with a stand up performance that got the crowd going and set the tone for the night.


Nice proceeded to entertain the audience with his own version of the dating game, bringing out three men and one woman to participate in a matchmaking game. With the three men blind-folded, the woman had the opportunity to ask all men individual or group questions. At the end of the game, the woman narrowed down her choice to just one, leaving the remaining contestant with a real shot at love and the audience with laughter. IMG_7890

Based in Manhattan, Julia Bekker recently launched Hunting Maven, a new matchmaking, and love consulting agency. The matchmaking business has become increasingly popular in the age of online dating.

“Technology has taken out a lot of the effort that still needs to be put into finding, courting and maintaining relationships. My clients are extremely successful and have very busy schedules so I go out and get to know potential candidates for them. They typically do not have the time to search through endless profiles only to uncover a misrepresentation of a potential love interest. That is often the downfall of dating apps. I see people for who they really are. Not who they present themselves as online. I’m like their love broker,” says Julia.

Julia offers the following tips for meeting men and woman offline.

1.      Unplug: Be approachable.  Don’t always walk around with your headphones on and staring at your phone.  Be open to chatting, you never know where it will lead.

2.      Do things you love: Running? Art? Music? Giving back? You’ll meet people with similar interests and already share something.  Commonality is a building block to a solid foundation of friendship and love.

3.      Tell the world you’re looking: Don’t be shy about letting friends and co-workers know that you want to make finding love a priority. If they don’t know you’re looking they may not want to pry into your dating life and they might just know the perfect person for you!

4.      Throw away your list: Don’t be too worried about checking off all the boxes, or what your “type” is. Most of the time, when someone finds “the one” they check off boxes that might not have even been on the original list, and previous boxes might not matter anymore.

5.      Say hello: Talk to whomever sparks your interest, smile and don’t let opportunities pass!

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