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On tour this summer, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas performed in concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Friday, July 8th 2016. A special guest has been added to the tour – Mike Bayer, the founder and CEO and personal development coach CAST Centers.

CAST Centers is a wellness and recovery center, located in Los Angeles, promoting wellbeing through proven and innovative treatments. Prior to the concert, Resident Magazine had the pleasure of attending an event alongside a small and intimate crowd with Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Mike Bayer.

The crowd was brought together with the purpose of creating an intimate moment of sharing and supporting between both fans and celebrities. Lovato and Jonas provided guests with more than just a speech. Jonas shared private moments of his life with his fans and encouraged his fans to open up and share theirs by making them feel confortable and unashamed of the little moments that happens to all of us and make us who we are today.

Lovato felt that it was important to create a partnership with Bayer during her tour. While Lovato was struggling and facing the end, she found help from therapy and counseling with Bayer. This confession to her fans allowed them to recognize that despite her celebrity and after hitting rock bottom, we can all be helped and develop the strength to move forward in life.

Throughout their nationwide concert tour, Lovato and Jonas, who also received help from Mike Bayer, feel it is important to address to their fans with an honest message to encourage them to not be ashamed to express emotions and be open to turning to professionals that will assist, advise, support and embrace them during their treatment.

Catch Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas on Tour this summer!

Q & A Session – Mike Bayer


Q: How did you end-up working with Demi Lovato? 

A: Demi and I have been working together for about six years now and I shared with her the kind of vision I had. Thanks to the tour, I now have the opportunity to share the visions that I have in different cities.

Q: What is your role during the nationwide tour? 

Eventually, you don’t even know what city you’re in. It’s just non-stop grooming and you don’t take the time to pause and feel good about yourself. So, my thinking initially was how do we create a calm and relaxed environment for Demi and Nick.

Q: Your initial plan was to keep them levelheaded during the tour? 

A: Yes, feeling good and relaxed. And then questions came about such as: How should we go about this? How do we get people to actually show-up and get interested in what we are offering? What we try to do is get everyone to speak on relatable topics. For us it’s more about the human experience. We all struggle; we all have bad thoughts towards our self.

Q: Is there ever a conversational element with the audience?

A: Well, what would you have expecting them to do? They wouldn’t do it after the show because they enjoy going out at the end of the concert. Depends on the speakers, sometimes they are controlled and have specific speeches to tell but they don’t have any. As you could see tonight, Nick is very spontaneous and open-minded, he really tells what he thinks and open to his emotions, which is pretty cool.

Q: What would you recommend that the people should do as the first thing in the morning to get into a positive mindset?

A: I always think of one expression which is “You should greet the day before it greets you”. Just focus and ask yourself how do you feel when you wake-up in the morning. Ask yourself: how am I going to make today a great day and what am I going to do to treat myself good? When most people look in the mirror, they don’t compliment themselves. They look at what’s wrong and the flaws. It’s really about how to change the conversation in your brain.

Q. Is there one you would suggest to yourselves every day? 

A: I’m enough.

Q: When you are down in the dumps, what are some things you like to do to bring yourself back up? 

A: You have to pick up the 500-pound telephone, right? (jokes) The hardest thing is actually telling other people you are feeling down. A lot of people feel like they’re a burden on someone else. The other is to be honest with ourselves. You should be able to talk about it and not feel wrong, ashamed or disempowered. That’s what we [CAST Centers] are trying to do. We want people to understand that it is not a big of a deal to share your emotions.

Q: What are some signs someone should be on the lookout for? 

A: If you have a lot of anxiety, can’t control your thoughts and are feeling withdrawn and isolated. The majority of the time your thoughts are negative and you aren’t able to share thoughts with others.

Q: What are some methods you have worked on with Lovato? 

A: Demi is honest. With her I work to reduce the shame. There is really nothing positive that comes out of shame. With her it’s just about being the best version of herself.

Q: Is there one theory that you believe in the most? 

A: The big belief for me is the human experience and that most things stem from fear or some people have a chemical imbalance, however the treatment is really directed toward what works for a specific individual. Each of my clients are different, so we pinpoint the experience that works for them and work on how to empower that.

Q: What does a typical treatment look like? 

A: If you look at it like a totem pole, the lowest level would be people who can’t manage their lives. As you work your way up you will see addiction, depression. We have about 25 different types of customized therapy.

Q: How can someone contact you if the person is not located in Los Angeles? 

A: Anyone can contact us and get help. We are a big resource. Anyone can contact us on social media. We will connect them with different resources depending of their location.

Q: What would you say to our readers to encourage them to join CAST Center? 

A: I’m not a marketer (jokes), honestly. This is the biggest thing we have done in 10 years in the marketing space. For us it’s more about the people that are interested in not pathologizing. Treatment nowadays is more about diagnoses and to me that just labels people. We are more interested in people who are looking to be the best version of themselves. That may mean they have to work through depression or through other issues. We are about learning who you are and who the best version of you is.

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