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The DxO ONE packs the performance of a DSLR into a remarkably compact format that slides easily into a pocket or even the smallest handbag.Its elegant design incorporates innovative and powerful sub-systems, capable of producing breathtaking photos and high-definition videos.
Used in standalone mode, the OLED framing assistant helps you compose and quickly take photos with one hand, and quickly switch from photo to video mode with a swipe of your thumb.
The DxO ONE features a 20.2-megapixel 1”-format CMOSBSI sensor embedded in a housing that is three times smaller than any comparably equipped camera. Its high-resolution images can be re-composed via cropping and still be perfectly suitable for large-format printing. It can also capture videos in full HD (1080p at 30 fps) or in super-slow motion (720p at 120 fps).
Its prime lens has a focal length of 11.9 mm (32 mm full-format equivalent) and an aperture that adjusts fromf/1.8 to f/11 using a six-blade diaphragm, which lets you precisely control the depth of field to produce a superb soft background (bokeh) effect. Electronic image stabilization system helps to maintain sharpness when recording HD video. With its high-quality lens and large sensor,the DxO ONE lets you capture stunning photos even in extreme low light environments, whether indoors or by moonlight.
At only 108 grams and 2.65” (67.5 mm) tall, the DxO ONE is a fraction of the size of other high-end cameras. No more excuses for not carrying a camera with you — you can take the DxO ONE anywhere, anytime.
For well over a decade, the image scientists at DxO have been advancing the art of photography through applied mathematics that can automatically correct flaws and improve the quality of photos taken by small cameras,such as those now common in smartphones and tablets.The DxO ONE camera uses this same technology to produce images of exceptional quality, unparalled for a camerathis compact.
To accomplish this feat, the DxO ONE first records images in the RAW format, then it immediately renders out high-quality, full-resolution JPEGs that are seamlessly transferredto the Photos library in your iPhone where they can be browsed, edited and shared instantly. A new Mobile SmartLighting feature, a lighter-weight variant of DxO Optics Pro’s famed Smart Lighting, lets you automatically improve the dynamics of your photo by applying an intelligent tone map to your overall image. You can adjust the intensity of this feature, which is automatically applied to the JPEGs produced by your DxO ONE.
The RAW files are saved by default in DNG format, which allows maximum flexibility in post-production,plus full compatibility with Adobe Lightroom®, Apple Photos,and of course, DxO’s own RAW processing software. DxO ONE users are invited to download (free of charge) DxO Connect for Mac and PC, which leverages the powerful photo engine of DxO Optics Pro to process the original RAW files and render them into JPEGs of even higher quality. And when shooting in extreme low light situations, you can choose to capture in DxO’s proprietary SuperRAW format,which is the result of four successive shots captured atrapid intervals and merged into one. SuperRAW files use the very latest advances in spatial and temporal noise reduction image processing to produce images that are free of noise, but retain all the subtle details.
Thanks to the new range of genuine DxO accessories, you now have many more opportunities to use your DxO ONE. Whether you want to remotely control your DxO ONE via Wi-Fi,take photos underwater, shoot a long daytime exposure, minimize reflections, or try your hand at macro photography, the DxO ONE will exceed your expectations and open doors to new photographic experiences.
  • The world’s smallest 1’’ format sensor camera under three inches tall and weighing less than an iPhone.Standalone mode and Framing Assistant allow you to quickly compose and take photos with one hand.
  • Lightning® connector directly connects to your iPhone or iPad, transforming your device into a high-definition viewfinder whose Retina® display provides access to all the controls of a DSLR.Photo and video selfie modes with fill light system (with flash on).Wi-Fi remote control capability using existing network (LAN) or direct connection (Peer-to-Peer).
  • Automatically improve your photos’ dynamic range with the Mobile Smart Lighting feature. 
  • DxO’s proprietary SuperRAW format provides exceptional, noise-free images, even in low-lightconditions.
  • Instantly share your DxO images from your iPhone to Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram®and more.
  • Seamless integration with your workflow. Instantly browse and edit DxO ONE images in your iOS Photos Library. Further enhance your RAW images using DxO Connect or DxO OpticsPro 
  • and Adobe Lightroom®.Integrated online store lets you order DxO ONE accessories from anywhere.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and microSD card ensure the DxO ONE never impacts your iPhone’s talk time or storage.
For more information on this must-have device, visit www.dxo.com/us/dxoone

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