redefining machines. After the announcement, we expect that our new technologies will shake things up and want people to come to our NYC Demo store to experience the new machines firsthand so they can understand how our technology works differently. Guests at the event can chat up Dyson engineers and ask them all of their pressing questions. What does it take to be a Dyson engineer? What technology goes into each machine? Are there more c’s or s’ in the word microprocessor? You get it.  It would be great if you asked your followers to send questions to you beforehand so we have a few that we can pull from and do a little Q&A with you and our engineer. Every 30 minutes from 5:30 – 8, we will be doing a raffle where those attending will have the chance of winning the new products and gift cards. There are 3 winners every 30 minutes. There will also be light F&B.



Dyson demo store: 640 5th Avenue


What time?

5pm – 8pm


Where do I RSVP?








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