By: Michael Travin


eco europe 4

Since the Milan Expo last year, the world has recognized Europe for setting the standards to producing sustainable and organic food. Recognizing the need to set a standardized set of guidelines for famers and producers to adhere to, Eco Europe was established in conjunction with the Republic of Poland, to create a three year long program for the European Union to educate European producers as well as consumers around the world about European organic farming. During the internationally recognized Fancy Food Show in New York City, Eco Europe held an exclusive presentation and lunch for media, VIPs, and industry executives at the stately Polish Consulate which showcased the variety and breadth of European organic farming products in available in the US. The range of products included in the program covers pork, beef, poultry and meat products, as well as fruits, vegetables and processed fruit and vegetable products which comply with the EU organic production standards which is committed to branding QUALITY AND TRADITION in organic food. A range of delicious traditional Polish dishes were served that demonstrate the health benefits of eating organically sourced food that not only tastes better but is better for you.

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