By Kenza Salahdine.

While Paris seems so far from New York, their delicious sweets are closer than you think. Since 1990, the luxury and exquisite chocolatier -La Maison du Chocolat- has owned a boutique in Manhattan.

On June 21st, Resident Magazine had the pleasure of participating in a culinary activity organized by Master Chief Nicolas Cloiseau of “La Maison Du Chocolat“ in partnership with Valrhona’s School located in Brooklyn.

Valrhona’s professional training center was created in 1989 with the purpose of sharing the specific and meticulous skills of their delicious chocolate confections.

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La Maison du Chocolat shared five new recipes with Resident that will be available for Christmas 2016: Pure Grenada ganache, Passion fruit/litchi, Ghana lime/ginger and crunchy Praline speculoos.

The flavors will melt in your mouth; the sweetness and tastiness will make you feel the refined extravagance of their chocolates.


The aromatic cacaos used to create these magnificent and distinctive chocolates are rigorously selected from a wide range of countries including Ghana, Grenada, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Ecuador & more!

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