reviver-interior-4By Hillary Latos.

You are what you eat
, which is exactly the concept behind ReViVer, a fast casual Flatiron eatery that backs their culinary offerings by nutrition science that bridges healthy food with fast food.  With their second location at 303 Park Avenue South, Todd Horowitz, Founder of ReViVer, partnered with two lifelong friends, Bill McDermond, a founding partner of Under Armour, and Scott Leibfried, experienced chef, to bring this unprecedented idea to life.
“The idea was to create a concept where everything on the menu is equally nutritious with enough creativity and variety that you can eat there every day,” said Horowitz. “As the brand expands, we are enhancing our in-restaurant dining to create a complete experience delivering quality food in a casual setting.”
Executive Chef Scott Leibfried had previous stints at esteemed kitchens such as the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and Napa Valley Grille and is also a 10-year veteran of Hell’s Kitchen and host of the Food Network Challenge.  He worked closely with licensed nutritionist Monica Reinagel, and together they have reinvented the way healthy tastes and feels with their clean sourced ingredients – free of all antibiotics, hormones, refined flours and sugars. ReViVer’s menu was developed using their Nutrient Score, a patent pending measurement of a meal’s nutrient density, and Four Food Principles (balanced, nutritious, pure and clean).


“The Nutrient Score is a measurement of a meal’s nutrient density,” said Reinagel. “A meal must be high in 10 key nutrients that all work together to optimize health and well-being, and low in empty calories and added sugars to score well.”
Chef Scott Leibfrieds’ menu, inspired from the team’s global travel, emphasizes carefully prepared market ingredients and straightforward presentations. Offerings include thoughtfully curated hot plates, tacos, salads, soups and sandwiches. Signature dishes include Mahi Curry, Carolina BBQ Chicken, Loco Moco, Steak and Fig Salad, Mahi Fish Tacos and the Red Sauce Meatball.
“I’ve always gravitated towards fresh, flavorful ingredients to create simple dishes that produce high quality nutrition,” said Chef Scott Leibfried. “ReViVer offers honest cooking with something for everyone with a variety of cuisines featuring vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.”

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