Comedian Felicia Madison draws on her experiences as a stay-at-home mom in affluent Manhattan as the basis for her observational comedy, poking fun at marriage, parenthood, and life in general. Felicia had a childhood dream of becoming a Broadway dancer. Her parents had other plans …which is why she was pre-med in college!


A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a major in the biological basis of behavior and a minor in marketing (she jokes that she’s only qualified to sell drugs), Felicia decided to try her hand at comedy after a class at the Manhattan Comedy School. She also blogs, podcasts, and is currently writing a screenplay. She can be found performing stand-up throughout New York City.


In 2016, Felicia launched Laughing Affairs, which produces daytime and evening comedy shows for social events such as birthdays, showers, and corporate and fundraising events. A production of Laughing Affairs is Laughercise.


Laughercise eschews the traditional late night environs of comedy clubs, instead treating guests to a one course meal, dessert, and glass of wine in the afternoon as both up-and-coming and veteran comedians take to the stage. Laughercise’s times and locations are perfect for comedy fans seeking laughs outside of the traditional late night, male-dominated clubs.

One of Felicia’s and Laughing Affairs latest projects is Comedy for a Cause, where Felicia and other comics come together to raise money for a foundation, charity, or benefit, with all proceeds going to the cause.


The format “enables me to perform during the day, when I am completely free, and in front of ‘my’ audience. The lunches have been a huge success for both the moms and the comedians,” Felicia told Broadway World.


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