To this day, the skyline of New York City remains one of the most recognizable visuals worldwide, complete with breathtaking skyscrapers and iconic buildings like the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.

While the current structures maintain their iconic status, developers and architects continue to push the envelope on constructions and designs—often to cater to an uber-luxury market gone berzerk in recent years. (It was just last year an unknown buyer put down $100 million for a New York City penthouse.)

In fact, on Billionaire’s Row, a short corridor on 57th St., you’ll find new constructions catering to the ultra-rich that in just a short time will add even more glitz to the glamour of the skyline.

From residential to office, here are some of the biggest developments currently under construction that will shape the New York City skyline in the future.


1. “The Nordstrom Tower,”  217 W. 57th St.

Five New Skyscrapers That Will Shape the City's Skyline

Once completed in 2018, this residential skyscraper may or may not become the tallest building in the Wester Hemisphere—a distinction currently held by the former “Freedom Tower,” 1 WTC. The building was expected to stand at 1,795 feet, before Extell Development president Gary Barnett said he would keep the building one foot shorter than the 1 WTC “out of respect.” Nevertheless, the Nordstrom Tower will take the throne as the tallest residential building. 


2. 111 W. 57th St.

Five New Skyscrapers That Will Shape the City's Skyline

A cornerstone of the ultra-prestigious Billionaire’s Row, the “world’s skinniest skyscraper” will stand at 1,428 feet, 80-stories tall…but only 60 feet wide. Overlooking Central Park, JDS’ majestic development will house just 60 apartments, ranging from $14 million to as high as $100 million. 


3. 200 Greenwich St. or 2 WTC

Five New Skyscrapers That Will Shape the City's Skyline

Part of Larry Silverstein’s World Trade Center redevelopment, construction on the tower’s been idle for a while. With Danish starchitect behind the design, the tower’s expected to stand tall 1,340 feet and 79 stories, making it one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. 

4. Hudson Yards

Five New Skyscrapers That Will Shape the City's Skyline
Though far from its 2019 completion date, Time Warner’s already signed on for close to half of the 92-story building. Sitting by the water, the development has the added advantage of being directly above the brand new 7 train line on 10th Avenue.


5. 53 W. 53rd St.

Five New Skyscrapers That Will Shape the City's Skyline
The 1,050-foot tall 53 W. 53rd St. will complete the ultra-luxury Billionaire’s Row in Midtown. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the 82-story building is currently under construction. There will be 140 condos in the building, with listing prices between $3 million and more than $50 million.

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