Michael Carson, Unititled, 50x39in. oil and resin on panel


Michael Carson, Untitled, 37x37in. oil and resin on panel


By George Wayne

The maverick art gallery owner Georges Berges is quickly developing a reputation as the new art gallerist star of Soho. He is especially noted for his sixth fashion sense in the sense that he seems to be organically developing a roster of artists influenced by the whirl of fashion and pop culture. The Arizona based star of the Georges Berges stable Michael Carson immediately comes to mind. His dreamy, sexy and obviously fashion influenced portraits have quickly gained him a growing list of top collectors and the attending acclaim that comes with it. We met to meet with the visionary gallerist Georges Berges at his increasingly buzzed about gallery at 462 West Broadway.

GEORGE WAYNE Almost four years ago when you first opened your Soho/West Broadway gallery, I told you that you were destined to be ‘’the next Leo Castelli’’ and I am happy to see that you have not been proving GW wrong on that notion.

GEORGES BERGES Thank you, im a great admirer of Leo Castelli, although I’m far from him he is someone to aspire to, the art world would be better served if we had more people aspiring to be Castelli. It’s been an amazing adventure thus far and as they say in the movies, I’m just getting started!


Laddie John Dill, Light Trap Series, 48x30in.


Laddie John Dill, Light Trap Series, 48x30in 1.jpg


GW Was it a conscious effort on your part to separate yourself from the new art gallery mecca in Chelsea and such environs?

GB It was, I always felt it would have been the easy thing for me to do to just go to Chelsea – I wanted a place that was rooted in history. To me the 70s and 80s in SoHo was a transformative time in the art world – I haven’t seen any other part of New York even come close to replicating that. I also wanted my gallery to have a global perspective not just on art but everything directly and indirectly related to art – I see myself, personally and professionally in much the same way. So I chose SoHo almost as a tip of the hat to an era gone by – and I hope that when people visit my gallery, see the dynamics between artist and gallerist and the curations that they get a real sense that it’s a different type of gallery. To me, art should be accessible and transformative to everyone.

GW Tommy Hilfiger is an avid contemporary art collector have you sold him anything? Or for that matter Donna (Karan) Calvin (Klein) or Vera (Wang) who are also noted fashionistas who are also avid collectors?

GB In all honesty, I don’t necessarily disclose who buys art from me, art is something personal and special, as it should be, so even if I did sell them art, I couldn’t and wouldn’t tell you. I want people to know that any art purchased from my gallery or through Berges Creative Group are held under strict privacy and confidence, unless of course people publicly already decide to reveal their purchase.


Tom Lieber, Wink, 88x72in. oil on canvas


Tom Lieber, Blue Inversion, 88x72in. oil on canvas


GW And the chic Soho sophisticated have been flocking to your gallery- isn’t Arthur Baker one of your prized collectors? And Jamie Dimon?

GB I am a friend of Arthur Becker and hope to work together soon, he’s a very talented. Again, I try not to reveal too much of my collector base, I have had Jamie Dimon’s family in my gallery – I am working with someone near to him, we’ll leave it at that.



GW You are always on the road scouring and scouting for new talent. Talk about your latest trips and some of your next big art stars being groomed by your stable.

GB I was just in Mexico City for Zona Maco and have just returned from a trip to Paris, Lyon, and Cannes where I visited quite a few artists in their studio. I’ve been working with Eric Roux Fontaine in Lyon who’s paintings can only be described as magical realism – I love them. And I’m visiting a few other artists that I have my eye on, and of course reconnecting with old and new collectors.



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