By:Julie L. Sagoskin



Saratoga in Upstate New York comes to life every summer when the historic Saratoga Racetrack reopens for the season, and the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa is the perfect place to stay and play. Forget buying Saratoga Spring water in a bottle, the grounds of the Gideon Putnam have a plentiful supply of the natural mineral-rich spring water running deep below the property, and more than a dozen active mineral springs around it so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

With over 60 exclusive spa treatments, The Gideon Putnam is a resort founded on the principles of health and wellness. The Roosevelt Baths & Spa offers transforming mineral baths, the Adirondack stone massage and even Shiatsu.



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This unique resort and wellness center will have you feeling renewed with their Ayurvedic Wellness teachings which aim to strengthen the body, mind and spirit while the Bach Flower Essence consultation restores your balance and harmony. If you’re into yoga and meditation, the Gideon Putnam offers unique techniques to cleanse and detoxify your system.

Want to find more meaning in your life? The resort offers a class for those who have achieved success and want to find more meaning in their lives. Their luminous healing class combines ancient wisdom teachings and healing practices to restore balance and vibrancy.

While you focus on your well-being, you can enjoy the luxurious rooms and fine dining amidst the whimsical setting of the Gideon Putnam – you might even coming back looking a few years younger!

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