This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Harper Wilde is taking an altruistic approach to Black Friday / Cyber Monday by focusing on what really matters: giving thanks. With their Gift a Lift campaign, for every order placed, customers will get a free gift card to gift to a friend (or yourself – we won’t tell) to redeem for a free Harper Wilde bra. Customers can pick any person who’s lifted them up in the past year, and gift them a free bra to help lift them up in return. This holiday season, let’s Lift Up The Ladies.


How it works: Enter your friends name at checkout, and we’ll send them a a gift card for a free bra – what better way to lift someone’s spirits and “ladies” all at once


Harper Wilde launched in June to address one simple question: “Why are bras so damn expensive?” Instead of finding an answer, they ran into more questions: why is the bra industry so over-sexualized? Why do bras have so many embellishments? As the questions piled up, so too did their passion to change the bra industry.


With the goal of empowering women with fairly-priced, quality bras, Jane and Jenna, who met while earning their MBAs at The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, talked to hundreds of women to determine what features they want and need in a bra, and which ones they don’t. Working with renowned intimates designers, the duo created everyday bras that match a woman’s real needs.


Harper Wilde is about way more than just lifting up “the ladies”. Jenna and Jane believe a strong, empowered woman is the product of an educated young girl. Yet, there are over 62 million school-age girls without access to education, and women make up over two-thirds the number of illiterate adults. Making sure the prices of their bras are fair is a top priority for them, but they also want to do more to create an equal playing field for women on a broader scale. That’s why they’re donating a portion of profits to girls’ education. Not only will they lift up your ladies, but they will also lift up the next generation of leading ladies. #LiftUpTheLadies






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