A Low Chignon

Prep hair with label.m Sea Salt Spray for added texture.
Blast dry with the hair dryer until it’s completely dry using fingers.
Use a little label.m Texturising Volume Spray for texture and control.
Using a brush or your fingers (depending what texture you want to create)
work towards the back and put in a ponytail.
Leave some pieces out the front for added softness.
Then begin twisting the hair gently and work around the ponytail for a chignon.
Finish by pinning in the chignon for long lasting hold.


Volumous Curls
If you have naturally curly hair embrace them by using label.m Curl Cream.
The curl cream promotes and controls the curl.
After shampooing and conditioning the hair apply Curl Cream and work it through from roots to ends.
Then promote the hair by scrunching the curls.
Use the diffuser to completely dry the hair. Once the hair is completely dry, scrunch the hair with your fingers for added softness and separation.
The goal is to create a soft and delegated curl. (Stay away from crunchy curls)


Long wavy texture
Apply some volume mousse in the hair and dry smooth.
Then take sections starting from the lower back and begin curling each section working all the way up the head until you reach the front. Use a large curling iron. Spray the organic setting hairspray on each section
before using the curling iron as it helps to set the hair, protect the hair and seal the curl/wave in the hair to stay locked into the style much longer. (Be mindful of which direction you want the hair to wave as this
will determine which direction to curl the hair.) Once hair is cooled down begin to run your fingers through and brush out gently. Finish off with label.m Shine Mist.



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