Pictured: Rescue Snow White and her pup


In June 2016, six volunteers from around the world joined a rescue group and pulled 1,000 dogs from the slaughter houses of Yulin, China. Most of the dogs pulled from Yulin were sent to a Buddhist group, where most died from lack of treatment. Over 100 dogs went to a safe house in Nanning, China. The rescue group used these dogs to raise awareness of their mistreatment in Yulin, where the dogs had been tortured, starved, bound, beaten, and diseased and in labor. The dogs suffered horrific injuries while in Yulin and had no water or food. They were packed in cages so tight not one dog could move for days on end. While it was a noble effort that this rescue group was trying to bring awareness to these dogs, they ultimately had to leave Nanning and the dogs behind. At this point, death was certain for the helpless animals.


Pictured: Rescued dogs in Nanning



Two volunteers, Lia Lee and Deborah Hall, at the safe house in Nanning, refused to leave the dogs to die. They stayed, set up triage and had every hospital in Nanning filled with dogs for treatment. Volunteer Jeffrey Beri came to the scene and took over the dogs’ care. He set up a health and wellness protocol, saved dying dogs, vaccinated, microchipped and established a global database.


Pictured: Jeffrey Beri caring for one of the rescues


Volunteers Beri, Lee and Hall were left with over 100 dogs and a promise they made that every single dog would be brought to safety. Though all the dogs were healthy, vaccinated and micro-chipped, they had no means to get to the US to safe and loving homes. These three volunteers reached out for help. And help they received! John Dalley of Soi Dog Foundation raised funds to bring 100 dogs home and American Humane raised funds to bring 11 dogs home. Then groups across America started stepping up to take in these brave little survivors. Flight volunteers from across the country helped to fly the dogs to the US. Jason Walker and Kim Littlefield, from Douglas Elliman, flew 72 hours straight from New York to China and back to bring dogs to the US, while Barbara Gundy, Leticia Disabella, Jean Farley and Caroline Love did the same from Los Angeles.


Pictured: James Marzigliano, Kate McEntee, Candy Udell and Jason Walker with Rescues in NYC


Against all odds, over 100 dogs were saved from the meat markets of Yulin. Deborah Hall is now working on the rescue efforts from the US, while Jeffrey Beri and Lia Lee are still in China continuing to care for the dogs until every last dog has made it home. Candy Udell from Rescue Paw, Pet Philanthropy Circle and HEART worked to find homes and locate rescue organizations to receive the dogs once they made it to New York, while Lee Heller did the same for the dogs that made it to Los Angeles.


The dogs that arrived in New York are currently with Animal Rescue Fund of the Hampton and Southampton Animal Shelter. The dogs that arrived on the West Coast are with the San Diego Humane, L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue and the Canine Adoption and & Rescue League in California.In the spirit of giving this season, those involved in saving these dogs would love to see them get a second chance on life by being placed in homes for the holidays and having their stories told.



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