By Bob Nesoff.


Not all that long into his term of office it looks as though Bill de Blasio is fast becoming one of the most politically complicated mayors in the long history of New York.

Could he be channeling Jimmy Walker?

First he gets into a p—ing contest with Andy Cuomo, one of the more arrogant governors since Mario Cuomo. Could b that’s where he learned it from. Insiders in Albany have said that the Governor will do anything to sink de Blasio.

One basic fact of politics that even “The Donald” seems to have not learned, is that you don’t pick a fight with the top dog in your party; especially the one that can dole out a continuing largesse.

The Mayor’s numbers have plummeted sharply since his inauguration. He could be in a contest with the guy across the river, Chris Christie, to see who could bottom out the fastest.

16069406695_780780ed09_zThis will never come out in the Daily News or Eyewitness News, but the governor’s staff knows who has engineered the investigation into de Blasio’s fund raising scheme. That’s pretty much the same as the “Bridgegate” scandal the Trenton Bully Boy has claimed plausible deniability for.

Those pushing the investigation have placed a target on de Blasio’s back and the arrowheads have been sharpened.

De Blasio is of the opinion that his connection to such rabble rousers as Al Sharpton will have his “six.”

For those of you not in the know, having someone’s “six” is military jargon for having his back. Six is at the bottom of the clock face and that translates to the back.

Wait just a couple of weeks and Sharpton and gang will become vocal about the “attack” on Mayor Bill. However, he hope and expectation in Albany is that he will be a one-termer.

Little things will begin to leak out about him that are designed to take him down an inch at a time. The leak about his taking large sums of donations from so-called “animal rights groups” with the expected quid pro quo that he will abolish the quaint and tourist friendly carriage horse trade, is only the beginning of things that will come out.


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