Our Dogs are more than just our pets – they are family! And just like family, we want to keep ours as healthy and happy as humanly possible. Our fur babies require a basic level of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain optimal levels of health and happiness, just like we humans do. But for dogs these vitamins and minerals help to maintain good energy levels, a thick and shiny coat, clear eyes and a moist nose, for a fun free life.

Invite's K-9 Multiple Vitamin Tags

Invite's K-9 Multiple Vitamin Tags
Our pets are regularly exposed to the worst possible toxins, chemicals, and contaminants. After all, they sniff their way around our neighborhoods, because that is what they do. They are more exposed then we are. They are ground level, and we are fortunate to wear shoes. They lick their paws and have direct contact with poisons. Their snouts are at the level where bus and cars are most concentrated. They run in parks and roll in the grass that has been treated with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. When they return to our homes, they clean their coats clean, which causes these chemicals and toxins to be absorbed into their bodies. This exposure and absorption creates the need for essential antioxidants and nutrients to protect their health, replenish essential nutrients, and remove harmful pollutants from their bodies.


[email protected], The Luxury Brand of Vitamins, known for their outstanding commitment to producing the most innovative and effective nutritional products on the market today, also offers a canine multivitamin [email protected] Health’s K-9 Multiple supplies powerful antioxidants which include Grape Seed Extract (free of the constituents in grapes that are harmful for dogs, but safe for humans), Catalase, and SOD, which help to protect your fur babies heart, liver, kidneys, brain and vision. This multivitamin also provides GSH (reduced Glutathione) needed for the detoxification of many drug metabolites, pollutants, and heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic.

Invite's K-9 Multiple Vitamin Tags
Our dogs require good nutrition to support bone and joint health, just as humans do. InVite’s K-9 Multiple supplies Bromelain and Magnesium to support bone and joint health and comfort. Adding these specific nutrients to their diet in one delicious and nutritious beef-flavored tablet helps round out their protection.

Your dogs will love these chewable beef flavored tablets, and you can rest easy knowing that our dog’s basic levels of vitamins and minerals are being satisfied. We do want our dogs to live forever, but that is not about to happen. We want them to be healthy and happy, just like us.

Everybody who reads my column should thank Turbo for his contribution to the pet world and the owner and developer of InVite who developed these vitamins when he saw Turbo slowing down.. As always check with your family vet and his approval before starting your pet on any regiment. Happy healthy barking to all.

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